Friday 9 July 2010

They say it's your birthday...

The family holiday has come to an end and we had a lot of fun. The kids loved having the freedom to drop in at any time to see their cousins. Watching the six of them round the table every night eating dinner was incredibly cute. It was lovely to sit in the afternoon and chat to my brothers or laugh with them  as we watched our kids play and argue together.

The south coast of NSW is simply gorgeous. I haven't spent a great deal of time there before, just odd short visits here and there, and I have to say I fell in love with it. Green rolling hills, deep blue crashing waves, headlands that have been left unadorned. It's a special part of the world. I even eyed off some cute cottages I could picture myself in living very happily.

All in all, it was a lovely way to spend five days. We were all very sad packing up this morning.

Though not all is dismal as we arrive home, we get to see Skip tonight who the girls and I missed terribly and tomorrow is my birthday. 34, can you believe (I can't, I'm sure my 20th was just a year or two ago)?

I used to feel really uneasy about birthdays. I don't quite know why. I think it was about people feeling forced to celebrate a day about you, or something neurotic like that. Now, I quite like it. Mainly because the girls get excited about the prospect of cake and helping mummy blow out the candles.

Have a super-dooper weekend and I'll have a slice of cake for you all.


  1. Oh happy Birthday! Hope you have a GREAT day - enjoy!

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great relaxing time. Hope the birthday fairies visited too!

  3. Oh dear... Happy Birthday to You.....

  4. Happy birthday! Sounds like a wonderful holiday, I'd love to go down there sometime. Hope you have something fabulous planned for tomorrow xox

  5. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!! Enjoy that cake for all of us.

  6. Happy birthday my fellow Cancerian! And yes, birthdays are much more fun with little ones to get excited along with you. Glad you enjoyed your holiday. And my god you're young. YOUNG!!

  7. That beach is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year!

    Thanks so much for following Mother Words. I plan on doing the same. I look forward to reading more!

  8. Happy Birthday! Me? I LOVE birthdays. Love all the attention, the gifts - I just feel special. HOpe you do too. x

  9. I love watching my boy play with family too! It's so sad to hear him asking about them whenever the trip ends!


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