Thursday 15 July 2010

Warm thoughts

I have recovered from my rant yesterday. I have forgotten about the drain of housework, mainly because the house isn't too grotty today! I'm sure all those feelings will bubble to the surface when things get grubby again.

Today, I've been going through some photos and I stumbled on this one from our last holiday.

It reminds me of how blissed out my girls get at the beach. They really adore it. Lil-lil will spend hours with her head down digging and scuttling about like a crab, so busy it's like she has an important task to finish. Goosey will wander about, splash, follow her sister and generally soak it all up.

When I see this picture, it makes me wish we lived on the beach so could do this every day. My family seems to be happiest and most comfortable on the beach. It gives me energy and completely revitalises me when I dig my toes into the sand and listen to the waves crash. Feel the warm glow of the sun on my shoulders and watch my girls happy and busy.

A day with this picture as my view is pure perfection.

What's your idea of the perfect moment?


  1. I must admit, on the days when I go out walking by the beach at sunset - oh my...

  2. Im dreaming of byron!!!! And his pic is just about right...xx


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