Wednesday 28 July 2010

Time to stop keeping mum

I feel like everything is a bit topsy-turvy at the moment. Work is up in the air due to child care issues. I keep asking myself and Skip if we want to stay in our house or move. Do we get a new car? Do we stay in the area we live? Do we go on extended travel? Do we move somewhere completely different? I feel like the answers are all there, floating right in front of me but I just can't see them. The outlook out my windscreen is a little misty and the road ahead barely visible.

All these questions have been a while in the making. The past four years, I've spent all of my time focusing on the kids. Just surviving, day-by-day, to keep them and me alive and them happy. I've probably focused on this too much, I think I've neglected a lot of other important things in my life. Now I think I've found my feet in this motherhood gig (who would've thought it would take so long?), it's time to shift some of the focus on other things. Such as, enriching my relationship with Skip, taking the time to be together, share, laugh and cry, be husband and wife, not just mum and dad. Also, I need to start working out and working on what fulfills me, what fires my passions and inspires my mind.

Maybe it's time to stop just being 'mum' and also be more of a 'wife', 'friend', 'daughter' and 'Corinne'. I think it may make everyone, including the kids and myself, happier.


  1. I feel like you. What to do what to do? Thankfully for me in 11 days I will have the answer to one of my questions, if not sooner, whether to move or stay. I am thinking it will be move.

    Also it is so easy to get caught up in being a mum we lose everything else. Have fun gaining back more of your other sides! :)

  2. That reminds me of a nice article I read this morning:

    I think that we are so busy being "adult" and doing all the things that adults are supposed to do, and somehow we get lost in it all.

    I also read somewhere, that children laugh on average 1000 times in a week. Adults laugh on average 5 times a week. Can you believe??!! So, go on. Laugh. Have fun. Play!! (You've got the perfect excuse)

  3. It's hard to get back into being 'you', isn't it!? And the big decisions are so difficult to make. But what a lovely time in your life to be at a crossroads, deciding on the road ahead. Enjoy it.

  4. PS - Katiegirl, those of us with children surely laugh way more than 5 times a week? A. they are funny and B. if you didn't laugh, you'd cry.

  5. You go Corinne.. i think you have said it absolutely right... All the best.. xoxoxo

  6. I'm there too.

    I am dying to get back into being 'me'. I was talking to Sharni about this the other day. I'm gonna do a challenge (for myself) where I try to figure myself out again.

    I love my kids and my husband but I just want to have some fun. Will be tuning in to see how you go.


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