Tuesday 16 October 2012

And so it begins...

I remember many, many years ago, when I was Lil's age discovering pop music for the first time. I'd spent the first part of my life listening to my dad's music (jazz and calypso and a strong memory of Tie A Yellow Ribbon on a 8-track) and, of course, nursery rhymes.

Then one day I saw a film clip and that was it. It was Kim Wilde's Kids in America. I loved that song so, so much. She was so cool. I've had a thing for striped tops and messy blonde dos ever since. Then I was introduce to Solid Gold by my brothers. I so wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer. I loved songs like Whip it (Devo), Wired for Sound (Cliff Richard), Thriller (Michael Jackson), Our House (Madness).

In Australia, I listened to ABC local radio or a handful of CDs we had in the car. Since we've been in Dubai we've been listening to the radio which is pretty standard craptastic top 40 stuff, albeit six months out of date. The kids have suddenly fallen in love with it.

All of a sudden Katy Perry is it! And they love Florence + the Machine. They sing along with Pink and Maroon 5. I was forced to hear about how cool Gangham Style was this afternoon.

On the school run John Farnham's Your the Voice came on. Feeling a little patriotic I turned it up and belted it out with Farnsy. The look of disgust that came from the back. I tried to explain that once upon a time I had saved my money to buy that cassette and then they asked: "What's a cassette?" so I gave up.

I guess I can feel a little pleased that it's not Justin Bieber and One Direction... yet.

Tell me, what was your introduction to pop music?


  1. I can very much relate to this and had a good chuckle. What is it about Katy Perry? Bells and Tills are obsessed! It doesn't seem to matter which song either, though Firework appears to have edge :). Add to that a smattering of Bruno Mars and of course anything by Beyonce and we appear to have my toddlers playlist... You do wonder if you will get to listen to anything other than the top 40 again. As you said, at least it isn't Justin Beiber....yet.

    1. They love Wide Awake because she decks the prince in the video clip!

  2. My girls love the Wide Awake film clip as well. I'm even mesmerised by it at times. Call Me Maybe is a favorite too. But that Gangham Style song takes the cake. All the kids in my mothers group love it. Ten 3year olds dancing to that is hilarious!
    I was brainwashed with The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd and Abba. Then the 80s came along, the decade of one hit wonders. My life became The Wedding Singer soundtrack! I remember sitting by the radio with a blank cassette tape in the player waiting for my favorite songs to come on to record and hope that the DJ didn't talk over them. (keepers showing my age there!)

    1. You've just reminded me of many a weekend in front of the TV tape recording songs off video hits! You had to be fast with that record button :)

    2. You've just reminded me of many a weekend in front of the TV tape recording songs off video hits! You had to be fast with that record button :)

    3. Ah yes I remember that too. And then VCRs were invented! (mum what's a VCR?)

  3. A steady diet of Solid Gold (how cool were the dancers?) and YTT here. Sad but true. I still remember dancing to both quite vividly. I had a whole routine to george Michael's 'Faith'.

    I am happily passing on the bad-music baton to my kids. This morning, one of the kids at daycare informed me that Little Guy (now not so little - 2 and a half!) knows all the words to that 'get out get out' song (AKA One Direction). He also informed me his fave one is Zane 'because he plays the guitar'. I probably shouldn't have encouraged so much hey? ;)

    PS: Hot tip! Check out the new Guy Sebastian song with Lupe Fiasco. They love it! Yes I'm tragic.

    xx Mrs P23

  4. Haha, yeah I'm with the littlies Your The Voice makes me cringe badly nowadays for some reason.
    But Whip It, oh I loved that song... and all the other classics you mention here.
    You know after I saw your question about this the other night on Facebook, it got me thinking about those early pop tunes. And scarily I was forced to remember Sam Fox with her "Touch Me" hit. Not a good early memory of pop, but definitely a memory! xo

  5. Have actually switched the radio over to Gold FM. Late 70s & 80s. Getting sick of hearing the same songs all the time on the other stations. Found myself singing to Chris de Burgh's ' Don't Pay the Ferry Man' at the top of my voice on the way home today. The girls thought I was hilarious!


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