Sunday 28 October 2012

A walk in the park

Late yesterday afternoon, it was warm and lovely. The intense heat has melted away leaving the most perfect weather you can imagine - sunny and warm.

It's time to get out of the air conditioned cells we've been in, so we decided to pack a picnic dinner and head to the park.

Along with half of Dubai, we spent the holiday Saturday at Safa Park. It's the first time we've been here and it's an oasis of lovely in a city that is, well, less than attractive. Passing through the gates, you leave the dusty noisy city to find lush green grass, lakes and playgrounds.

The place was filled with families and groups of friends eating, playing cricket and soccer. Small BBQs meant there were intoxicating wafts of grilled meats, garlic and tomatoes. It made the salmon and dill quiche I was proud of when I left home seem a little boring.

Darbs felt the soft grass, the girls ran and squealed their way through the hedge maze. Skip and I sat back and soaked in the fresh air and warm breeze. Around us Pakinstani men in their traditional garb played cricket, a group of African men played and fought over a soccer ball. Emiratis sat in large groups chatting and eating. Indian kids chased each other across the grass. A Filipino family attempted to fly a kite.

There was a happy, festive feeling in the air. Like being next to Sydney harbour on a January evening.

As the sun began to set we packed up and headed home. People still streaming through the park gates. The trip home was quiet, the car filled with with that feeling of contented exhaustion.


  1. The park is always a good idea. x

  2. Look at that really big boy!
    Don't you just look at your life sometimes and think 'well how did we get here?' things really do change in a blink of an eye.
    Park sounds lovely. xx

  3. Sounds perfect.
    Your little man has grown so much!!!
    :-) xx

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, taking some wobbly steps but getting more and more confident.

  5. How glorious Corinne... and as I was reading your description, I was thinking to myself how much it sounded like multicultural Sydney... it's a lovely feeling, having all those families enjoying the surrounds together like that. Beautiful photos and look at your baby boy! Up and at em' it looks like... he's scrumptious! xo


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