Wednesday 3 October 2012

Only in Dubai – part 2

After my last post of things I've noticed that happen regularly in Dubai and not in Sydney, I found some more things. So here goes...

* Receipts. They love receipts. For everything. A takeaway cup of coffee? A receipt. A chocolate bar? A receipt. By the end of the day my purse is filled with annoying bits of paper. If you try to refuse they look at you like you're mad, of course you have to take the receipt!

* No addresses. There are essentially no addresses in Dubai. Roads change regularly, there is no postal system to talk of, so more often than not, you're directed to a place by landmarks. Even on a business website it will say something like "Near Safa Park, behind the Emirates Bank"
When we bought furniture the delivery docket had a place to draw a map, rather than write an address.

* Leaving your car running. It's really common to see cars left in car parks with their engines running. Why? To keep them cool on the driver's return. It's obvious in Dubai no-one has a concern about the environment, the cost of petrol or their luxury car being stolen. I've seen cars worth more than houses in supermarket car parks with keys in the ignition, motor running.

* A helping hand. I've quickly got used to the fact that wherever I go, there will be someone ready to jump in and give me a hand. Got some large packages to carry to the car? Some man will ask: "Can I help you, madam?" At the doctor's with a whingy baby, a lady will offer to watch baby while I'm being attended to. It has made life that bit easier.

* Hazard lights. They LOVE hazard lights here. It completely freaks me out. You'll be driving down Sheik Zayed Rd and the traffic will slow slightly and they'll put on their hazard lights. Why? I have no idea, to warn that they're slowing perhaps. Isn't that what brake lights are for? Anyhoo, hazard lights get a good work out in Dubai.


  1. your Dubai posts totally crack me up! Sounds like such a bizarre and crazy place...

  2. I love this! You make me feel sane. Sometimes I feel like it must just be me noticing weird things because everybody else seem a-ok with it all.
    There is a fabulous tumbler Only in DXB - you need to see it, you will laugh like only an expat in Dubai can.

  3. I've only just come across your blog via BabyMac. I love your stories about Dubai!
    There is the reason behind the hazard lights and you guessed right. It's to warn traffic behind you that it's slow up ahead. We found this common when we visited Europe and drove through a few countries. It works! Hoping to read about more 'only in Dubai' stories, they are funny.

    1. Thanks for reading! Glad you're enjoying it. The thing that gets me with hazard lights is that they turn them on for 10 seconds, traffic moves and off goes lights, 30 seconds later traffic stops, in goes lights. Rinse and repeat. It goes on and on. They must get sick of turning them on and off.

  4. Love it Corinne! Big fan of this 'Only in Dubai' series. So funny. Leaving the car running gets me, it's a good sign though, as crime rates must be pretty low. Keep em coming xo

  5. LOL my husband does that hazard light thing. Drives me totally insane. He would be totally in his element in Dubai and would love to rub it in to me even more.

    Love it, keep 'em coming.

  6. Hee hee.
    These are so fascinating - and amusing.
    :-) xx

  7. These posts are so interesting Corinne! I love hearing about things like this!


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