Sunday 14 October 2012

My six-year-old star

My little Lil is quietly brave. Moving to the other side of the world hasn't been easy for her, but most of the time she just gets in and does what she has to do, even when she'd rather stay on the couch and watch Scooby-Doo. She misses her friends, her school and her family. She spent the first six weeks here asking me: "Is it past my bedtime in Australia?" This was her little bit of joy - being up past her mates in Australia.

Most of the time, she happily goes along with whatever is happening. Tackles each challenge without a word of a whine. I'm grateful for that. Occasionally there is a bump in the road and she asks "Why did we have to come here? Why can't we just go home? Can we go home when I'm 8 or 9 or 10?"

This morning when I dropped her at school she hugged me extra hard, not really wanting to start another week without her bestie who she misses, another week of school that she says is: "all work, work, work, no playtime like in Australia".

Tomorrow she's getting the Star of the Week award, her teacher told me she really deserves it and Lil will be over the moon. I hope this boosts her a little.

It's also her birthday this week. I can not believe she'll be six. She's having a party with her classmates and I'm also hoping this will help her make the tight group of friends she so desperately wants.

I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, her reply: "A cleaning set, so I can help you clean the house."

She asks for so little, she never really asks for much at all. We want to get her a present that will blow her mind. For once, I'm completely stumped.

What do you think a six-year-old girl would absolutely adore? Anyone?


  1. Lil is the same age as my Miss E - she'll be 6 next month. It sounds like your daughter is handling this huge change very well for someone her age. Miss E wants a hula hoop for her birthday. Does that help? I'm sure she'll be happy with whatever you give her :-)

  2. How about a Skype date with her bestie she misses so much?

    Ps- been loving keeping up with you via your blog!

  3. Awww, Lil sounds so beautiful Corinne. What a sweet little girl. How about a really gorgeous doll house? Or maybe a special bracelet or necklace? I'm sure whatever you come up with she'll absolutely love. Well done on raising such a lovely little lady xoxo

  4. Oh - she is such a little sweetheart.

  5. This bought a tear to my eye, she sounds like one very special little girl. What did you get her? I agree with Julie, a necklace or bracelet. I think we're thinking a small pet, some new chickens or ducks or guinea pig, something for my soon to be 6 year old to call her own and care for. Are pets the done thing in Dubai? Again, excuse my questions!

    1. Pets are popular in Dubai. I've met people who have brought their animals from home!


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