Saturday 6 October 2012

Melting summer sun

Everyone kept telling me "just wait for October, the weather is incredible".
The first Friday in October arrived and it didn't disappoint. Hot and sunny, but not too hot or sunny. Yesterday, we even sat outside to eat in the middle of the day, unthinkable just a week ago.

In the late afternoon, we joined the rest of Dubai at the beach. The kids made sandcastles and dugs holes. They splashed in the tepid sea. They scuttled along the shore.

Skip and I watched the sun set. The sunsets here are incredible. We watched as the sun, a burning globe, dropped in the sky in a matter of minutes before oozing into the horizon.



    We have the heater on in Melbourne. Enough said.

    1. Brrr I can't even imagine that. Console yourself with the fact that you can easily get a great coffee, which I can't here!

  2. Awww.
    Beautiful and balmy.
    Those evenings are my favourite part of Summer - wherever we might be.
    :-) x

  3. Oh Corinne, that sounds & looks utterly magic. Beautiful photos. Enjoy those glorious October days xo

  4. Looks and sounds just amazing. We get hot days through summer, but having the beach would make everything better! Enjoy!

  5. That is so gorgeous, Corinne. Wow, it just makes you realise there is so much beauty in the world, wherever we are. x


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