Friday 19 October 2012

Day in, day out

A couple of people from home have emailed me, asking what I'm up to. Really, it's just the same as Sydney – wake up, get breakfast, make lunches, do the school run, feed the baby, tidy the house, pick up the kids, play at the playground, dinner, bath and bed. Of course, it's all being done in a different location, but the fundamentals are the same. Life goes on, wherever you are.

The difference is in filling the gaps. People who you chat to, places where you shop, how you spend your spare time. The lack of familiarity, but also becoming familiar with other people quickly. Doing things you wouldn't ordinarily do, such as spending an evening with people you don't know, inviting a stranger over for morning tea, asking a mum from school (who I've only just met) out for dinner and drinks.

Tomorrow, Lil-lil's having her birthday party and instead of family and old friends we'll be spending it with a motley crew of people we've befriended it the couple of months we've been here. Which is fine and will be fun.

I suddenly noticed this week, that I don't really notice the Arabic signs anymore or when I hear the call to prayer. All the things that made this place feel foreign and different are starting to feel normal and everyday. The wide-eyeness is starting to fade.

Many times this week I sat down to blog, I'd write a few sentences and then delete it. Nothing feeling right. I'm not quite sure why. I think I've misplaced my 'voice', over-thinking what to write and who I'm writing for, which is silly when I just should write, like I've always done.


  1. oh lovely... been thinking of you all too and just knowing that youre in the flow and getting on with things... I hope my lovely lil has the best birthday and that she enjoys the tiny party! And remember - whatever comes into your head when you get to the computer is what you need to write. full stop! xxxx

  2. It is amazing how adaptable human beings can be isn't it!? Though I do admire your ability to fit into your routine so quickly Corinne. We're having some reno's done here at the moment and finding it difficult to live around all the mess... though in saying that, this week has been easier than last week and I think it's purely because I'm starting to adapt to the chaos. I guess we all learn to just get on with it, whatever the situation. Just write when you feel and about what you love, your posts are always great and entertaining xo

  3. I love your voice, don't change! It's soothing and real and so unpretentious. Like I've aid before, it's why I keep coming back here when I don't seem to find time for blog reading much at all.

    As you were x

  4. I love your words Corinne, even when you're pondering about your blogging you have such a lovely way to write it, makes me feel good and at home each time I stop by.
    What's it like when they do the call to prayer? Is it on speaker systems or because it's happening everywhere it's like it's in stereo? Please excuse my ignorance!

    1. Not at all! I had no idea until I got here! The call to prayer is called/sung out on a loud speaker. It sounds quite beautiful actually. They put it on the loud speaker at shopping malls too. I always know when it's 12.30pm and I'm out shopping!


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