Saturday 27 October 2012


"Mum and Dad, when are we going home?" Goose asked, yet again.

"Bub, we are home. This is where we live now," Skip told her, yet again.

I must admit, sometimes it feels like we have been on an extended holiday. Goose must think that one day we'll pack up, get up early and go back to our life in the little house in Sydney. Back to preschool. Back to the park. Back to Grandma. Back to her friends.

This time though, I think she realised that this is now home. I think it may
have sunk in that we're staying in this "hotel" for "ever and ever". That she's now a "big school" girl. That this place with the big cars and sand and the tall buildings is home.

We have an extra long weekend here, to celebrate Eid al Adha. The girls came excitedly home from school with cards saying Happy Eid and Eid Mubarak. "What are we doing to celebrate Eid, mummy?" Lil asked. "What do people do to celebrate Eid?"
I'm not too sure, so we're learning together.

Last night, we had some new friends come over for a BBQ. We swam, ate prawns off the barbie, drank and laughed. "See, it's just like home. A BBQ and drinks in the cooler," said our new Canadian friend. "You mean 'esky'," replied Skip.

It's strange place to be, a lot of the people we've met have arrived at the same time. So we're all learning at the same time, a bunch of people from all over the world making a little corner of the Middle East our home.


  1. I saw some Pakistani families and Somali kids having a bit old Eid celebration in our local park yesterday - kids in their traditional gear and mums and dads all dolled up. It was really beautiful to see them all so happy.

    Happy Eid Corinne xx

    Mrs p23

  2. WOW Corinne, must be so so surreal for you all. It's incredible though, I'm most in awe of you and the families that pack up everything and start up a life in another part of the world. Must be a tad confusing for the littlies, but as I've said before, it will make them such well rounded individuals xo

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