Monday 22 October 2012

Six, the sweetest thing

Today my little Lil turns six.

It's been a big year for my pretty princess. She's started school not once, but twice and done so well with the massive amount of change. Starting school, settling in and making herself a part of her Sydney school made me so proud. She breezed through it. Starting again on the other side of the globe has been a little trickier, but she's made me so proud again as she tries, she picks herself up and puts on a smile and then tries again each day.

She's so grown up and insightful and thoughtful. She's funny. She's kind. More than anything when I think of Lil, I think 'sweet'. She's just about the sweetest thing I know.

At six, she loves drawing, writing and painting. She loves to sing and to dance. She also loves to swim. She's a caring sister to Goosey and Darbs. She can eat bowls and bowls of spaghetti bolognese.

I don't think I've ever been prouder of my girl than I am right now.

Happy birthday, Lil. You bring us all such incredible joy.


  1. Ill never forget the most beautiful and heartfelt hug that I received from Lil at the pop up before you all left. So so lovely... and I cant wait for my next one!! xxxxx

    1. Yes, she's very emotional and sincere. She loves her family and friends with such intensity. xxx

  2. Lovely post for your lovely girl. xx

  3. Beautiful.
    Happy birthday gorgeous (resilient) girl.

  4. Awww Happy Birthday to your darling Lil :) She's a remarkable little lady, to take on the challenges of this year so well. And I think sweet is quite possibly the nicest possible description there can be of a little girl. Hope she had a lovely day celebrating.
    And well done Mama on six years of Mamahood, it's a BIG deal, definitely worth downing a few glasses of bubbly over ;) xoxo

  5. Happy Birthday Lil! How resilient you are to start school twice and cope so well. Just gorgeous.
    Hope she had a wonderful day.


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