Wednesday 27 June 2012

Striking out

There's a teachers' strike in NSW today, which meant I have the sweet Lil-lil home with me today. She's extremely excited at having a day off school, she literally yelled it out when we dropped Goosey off to preschool.

When I asked her what she'd like to do, the decision was easy – lunch at the Japanese restaurant up the road.

As we walked up, we pondered all of life's mysteries that had been bothering her, including why the she had a day off. I explained that the teachers had a disagreement with the government about how the schools were run. She decided that the government was being mean. I explained that people had differing opinions and that it was important to voice your opinion and talk and come up with solutions. My explanations must have bored her because she popped out with : 'Some times I think my toys come to life.' Obviously time to change the subject or perhaps she was suggesting something?

We walked up our main drag and saw lots of friends from school. We sat and chatted and laughed.
It's rare to get time with the big girl, doing stuff, just us (oh and D in the stroller). So, thanks NSW Teachers Union and thanks Barry O'Farrell.


  1. Love these pics Corinne, your babes are so beautiful. It is nice that you were able to make the most of the time like that. I can imagine it must have been a bit of a nightmare for some parents. I totally didn't realise there was a strike and wondered why the indoor playland we went to was so chockers with big kids! xo

  2. Funny you post this today C, as my Big Girl (I think) will be home sick tomorrow - looked terrible when I picked her up today.

    Hate seeing her sick of course, but because we're alone tomorrow, a tiny part of me will look forward to snuggling her on the couch solo, without a 2 yo crawling on top of us.

    xx Mrs P23

    PS: Fujiyama? Or Koi Bento?

    1. Koi Bento. Did you know they're owned by the same peeps?

  3. Good God Corinne you make gorgeous kids! Glad you made the most of the strike lovely. Our school didnt strike, I think it must be the catholic schools - they are too scared of the wrath of the parents to go on strike perhaps?
    I love the ways kids just change the subject is a flash, if only that worked as well fro adults! he he xx

    1. You sound surprised that my offspring look alright, Sonia. ;).

  4. I remember how excited we were when we got such surprise fact, my sister and me would pester Mom to stay back at home with us.It was fun and we wanted to do everything from going to our favorite restaurant to shopping to visiting our granny..etc etc. Your post reminded me of my childhood days in Mel!

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