Sunday 24 June 2012

Chilling out

It's a very chilly Sunday morning in old Sydney town today, but I don't mind. It's nice to be able to curl up on the lounge and soak up the heater.

It's almost July, which is just crazy because it was Christmas just five minutes ago. As the year is flying by so quickly, I'm naming July appreciation month. I'm not one to really like winter, it's just those dark months in the middle of the year that always seem to take me by surprise. From right now, I'm going to enjoy the chilly weather.

I'm going to soak up cuddles with babies in fleecy all-in-ones.
I'm going to have chats and giggles with my girls over hot chocolates and babycinos at our local  cafes. I'm going to leave for school earlier and enjoy a leisurely walk in the winter sun and stop and chat to neighbours.
I'm going to catch up with my friends. Have a drink and a laugh in a local pub.
Cook something warm and slow more often.
I'm going to enjoy every minute of my birthday instead of not wanting to make a fuss.
I'm going to eat a bacon and egg roll where the yolk drips down my chin.
I'm going to curl up with the kids and watch a movie and eat popcorn.
I'm going to the movies with Skip. Which is something we NEVER do.
I'm going to make more effort and see friends instead of putting it in the 'too-hard' basket.
I'm going to enjoy lazy mornings during the school holidays.
I'm going to enjoy a leisurely Sunday lunch.
I'm going to make a big pot of soup.
I'm going to visit a country town and breath in fresh cold air until my lungs sting.
I'm going to appreciate this life I've got here with my friends and family.

What do you love doing in winter?


  1. here here!!! Thank you again for coming to the show last night with the family and supporting me. Means A LOT!!! xxx

  2. Hi Corrine, thanks for kicking me up the butt to stop wishing winter away and start looking for the little things to cherish!

  3. Such a beautiful post Corinne and just the sort of feel-good piece of writing we all need, to enjoy the colder months. I am guilty as charged for dreading the Winter and being a bit of a grumble bum about it all too. BUT, like yourself, I have been trying to embrace it more this year. It is so hard when the days are short and icy, then again that list of totally beautiful things to do should keep you busy for at least the next two really cold months. I know I'll be trying to knock off a few of them myself, enjoy! xo

  4. I was just reading a Summer Bucket List in a magazine yesterday on the beach. Ironically, this is your Winter Bucket List!
    There are so many simple things we can do that make us pause and cherish the tiny bits...I need my own summer one....


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