Friday 22 June 2012

Trip the light fantastic

It's good being me. I have a bunch of lovely friends, who are not just nice people but ridiculously talented too. Actually I'm now starting to wonder why they are my friends, they're really starting to show me up with all their talent and success! That's OK, I'm happy to ride their coat tails.

One of my closest and oldest friends (and also Goosey's godmother) is a wonderful artist. It's not just me that thinks so either, she's been a finalist in the Brett Whitely Art Prize a couple of times, she's had many galleries show and sell her work. She has a wonderful way with colour (I can hear her laughing at me now, because I have very little knowledge about art).

Michele Morcos is having a solo exhibition that opens this weekend. I urge you to go and visit and check it out. If you see Michele there, go and say hello, she likes a natter. Tell her I sent you. She probably won't give you anything, but she might buy me a coffee.

Trip the light fantastic
Breathing Colours
446 Darling St

Until July 7. Opening 4pm, June 23. or visit Michele's blog


  1. haha...tis true! A coffee will be on order for this tiny post and shout out too!! thank you...xxxx

  2. Lovely colours, bit of a drive from Melbourne,so I might not make it!!

  3. How fantastic! Michele looks like a very talented artist. And yes, I always hope that 'knowing' talented people will have a rub off effect on me, haha! Not working so far. Thanks for sharing your friend's beautiful work Corinne xo

  4. Her work is GORGEOUS! A talented friend indeed! x


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