Friday 1 June 2012

Friday Fun - In the Night Garden

Well, it's that time again - Friday, when I give away stuff to my fabulous readers.

The answers from last week's Herbal Essences giveaway impressed me but the two winners threw in a little extra. Dance steps! I'm so going to be singing AND dancing in the shower this weekend, it's something I've never attempted. So congrats to:

  • Jodie Williams
  • butterflytameR
Please send me your deets and I'll get your prizes out to you.

An honorable mention must go to MrsP23 who put "We Built This City" in my head for the rest of the week. No prize for doing that I'm afraid!


This week I got sent the brand-new In The Night Garden DVD What Lovely Music. The Goose is a little obsessed with ITNG at the moment, she says that it gives her lovely dreams. So when this little beauty arrived on our doorstep she was more than a little excited. 

Goose gave her day time nap long ago (on her 2nd birthday to be precise) but she still needs a little quiet time during the day. I've been putting this disc on the past two days and the Tombliboos, Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy have been entertaining her and keeping the whole house peaceful. There are five episodes too, so she hasn't gotten bored of it yet.

I find Derek Jacobi's narration really soothing too, although I do get flashbacks to watching old BBC Shakespeare videos at high school. 

This DVD is available on BBC DVD June 7.

I've got three ITNG DVD packs to giveaway. Each pack contains two DVDs: the new What Lovely Music and Out For A Walk.

To win, comment below and tell me what gives you lovely dreams. (G-rated please). It would also be great (but not necessary) if you could follow The Daze of My Life and like my Facebook page.

The best three comments, judged by me (or someone nominated by me), will win a pack. Entries close, 11.59pm Thursday June 7, 2012. Open to Aussie residents only (sorry). Please include your email address if it's not on your log-in.


  1. A dinner with family with lots of laughter, belly laughter if at all possible. And a few glasses of red...

  2. Every now and then I have a recurring dream that the members of powderfinger (or should I saw now ex-members) come over for a BBQ and jam in my backyard.


    It doesnt happen for any particular reason, perhaps when I have been listening to them intently, reliving the good times!

  3. If I have had a good day at work, I have good dreams. They may not be about work but they are always pleasant. Conversely, it I have had a bad day at work, my head is full and I don't sleep well. CB says I tell students off in my sleep sometimes!

  4. My prize, really, is knowing I gave you the gift of music all week. That song is a classic huh? xx

    x Mrs P23

  5. I rarely remember my dreams, except when I was pregnant I had the most bizarre dreams and always remembered them.
    Hubby says I talk in my sleep but can't honestly tell you what about.

  6. A yummy dinner (preferably cooked by hubby) and nice long hot bath, a story read to the kids before their bedtime and then I get tucked into my bed too an then I usually have dreams about the book that we've read :) and they're usually really strange versions of the story that we have read for instance a favorite of my daughters is 'Elmo goes to the doctor' once after reading this I had a dream that I went to the doc and was told I was preg with a monster ( seasame street furry kind) this dream made me feel good because of the special feeling you feel when ur pregnant. That feeling of being important, and having a special secret.
    Btw I love reading your posts they really help me on my journey in motherhood and help me cope with all the things that motherhood entails

  7. I live such a sad life when a clean house, gives me lovely dreams. It may only stay clean for 5 minutes, but it's certainly the stuff of my dreams.


  8. Sweet Dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree??
    Where have I heard that before? ;)
    A bath before bed, and even better a bath bomb relaxes me and I drift off easily into 8 hours of unbroken bliss.
    A special shout out to camomile tea as well.

  9. Getting to stay asleep for the first 4hrs after I go to bed (not woken by hubby or little people).

    My nearly 2yr old daughter has taken to removing towels from the bathroom or jumpers from coat hangers and doing the igglepiggle dance (jumping, alterative arms in the air, and falling down at the end). It is HILARIOUS! She will do it anywhere, during her swimming lesson, walking down the main street or in the middle of dinner. It took me a good couple of days to work out what she was doing!

  10. Spending a 'no work, just fun' day with my family gives me sweet dreams :)


Thank you so much for your comments! I'm always thrilled to hear from you.

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