Wednesday 13 June 2012

The write stuff

Writing has always been my biggest outlet. Something I enjoyed. A way to vent. For me, it's like breathing, not something I consciously do but I need it to live.

For whatever reason I'm not feeling it right now. Every time I sit down to write, it's not there. Probably in part because I don't know whether I'm Arthur or Martha at the moment. I feel like I'm chasing my tail, lots of action but not actually getting anywhere.

The house is a wreck. I looked at the kids this morning and I feel like I'm really letting them down. They are not the happy little vegemites they should be. I glimpsed myself in the review mirror and saw a mess. The basics are missing – good food, adequate sleep, time to breath. Everything feels rushed.

So starting now, everything goes out the window. Fill the kids bellies with good food. Laugh with them. Attempt to get some sleep for us all. (The broken sleep is awful. The musical beds drives me crazy.)

Hopefully the writing will follow.


  1. Oh Corinne, I feel for you my friend... and I really do know how you feel. I am battling a bit at the moment too. Nothing major, just Winter, the cold and the day to day grind getting to me. I don't feel 100% either, which never helps. You're an amazing Mama and wife and woman, the writing will flow again soon, don't you worry about that xoxo

  2. It's so necessary to do a 'stocktake' every now and then.
    I hope you find the balance again soon.

  3. Sounds like a back to basics is in order, just as you have planned. Take care of yourself and your lovely family. Hope you're back to your well written self soon. xoxo


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