Saturday 16 June 2012

Week in rewind

This week has been a frightfully busy week. Hardly a moment to stop and take a breath. Or stop and blog.

* Last Sunday we were invited to our neighbours place for a hangi (an islander custom, where a whole pig, lamb, vegies are cooked on hot coals underground). The rain teamed down and we all huddled in their little terrace, chatting and gossiping with people from the street. The kids ran around and had a ball. The neighbours all gossiped about our reno plans. 

* We were planning to take the kids to Dubbo for the long weekend and visit the zoo. We didn't manage to pull this off so we went to Taronga Zoo instead.

*On Tuesday, my brother and his kids arrived from Vietnam. The cousins were all reunited for the first time in two years. It was the first time that D had met all his cousins.

* Wednesday night, Skip and I went to the State of Origin. It was my first time to a State of Origin and I must have brought the Blues good luck as they crushed Queensland much to Skip's distress.

*Thursday and Friday flew by in the normal routine and we awoke to an amazing red sunrise this morning just in time for the rain to start, AGAIN! 

Fill all the gaps between the nice stuff with architect meetings, appointments and other errands and the week was over.

This weekend is busy too. Preschool working bee this morning. Having my Vietnamese niece come and stay with us tonight. And then the big one - my niece's birthday party tomorrow which we are hosting. So we'll be making a cake, stuffing lolly bags, making fairy bread, blowing balloons and getting the house ready to be filled with people. It's not often that all my brothers, my parents and all the grandkids are under the same roof so it will be pretty spesh, not to mention fun. 

Stop! Hangi time.

All the cousins!

D's first trip to the zoo.
Sky safari fun at the zoo.

Go the Blues!
Saturday sunrise.


  1. Love the last photo gorgeous sunrise! I have never been to a hangi would love to though!

  2. Have a great time at the party, Corinne. It's special that you are all together.

    Hangi! I love it! Our kiwi buddies do such a delicious one.

    Have a great week. Hope it slows down, just a little.


  3. Hi Corinne,
    Tell Skip the Blues may have won this battle but they haven't won the war!

  4. What a big week.
    Enjoy your equally big weekend, love.
    :-) xx

  5. Sounds pretty darned awesome - love busy times filled with fabulousness, so long as there's time to recover in between. I've had a busy morning at netball, planning on a little cleaning and a little reading. Then I'm heading out for Mexican and a hipster-esque cafe for a last-minute catch up with a fab friend. Speaking of which - you, me, soon x

  6. Sounds like a great, if busy week. Now can we get this rain to leave?! Kids and I are going insane. x

  7. Oh Corinne, I love the pics, gorgeous! Whatta week you had! All sounds totally fabulous though. So pleased to hear you had a good one. It's always nice getting all the relo's together... hope you coped ok with the shocking Sydney weather today, it was SO wet!
    How exciting re. your reno plans. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to reno/extend our place.


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