Monday 25 June 2012

Jumping in the deep end

I'm not one for safe and secure. I don't want to plod along and watch time pass. Time passes by too quickly and since I've had kids it's on turbo charge. Weeks and months have sped past like seconds.

There are so many variables in life. While you can plot and plan life has a way of changing your perfectly planned course.

Life is scary. Terrifying. To really get the most of out of it, to really live, some times you've just got to close your eyes, take a breath and jump in the deep end. More than likely you'll bob back up to the surface with a smile.

As I tell my kids, don't worry if you make a few mistakes, just try again. You'll get there in the end and it will be worth it.

Do you like jumping in the deep end?


  1. I do, because while it's scary as you're standing on the edge - it's positively exhilarating once you've done it.

    Life's an adventure - best lived well. Good on you lovely x

  2. Sometimes. I feel like I've done that with a couple of jobs I've worked in. I do like planning, but there's this crazy part of my brain that quite likes being spontaneous and no. plans. Overplanning bugs me. We do this on holidays all the time, Mr P23 and I.

    I am imagining that you're totally going overseas to live btw... Whatever it is, good luck, lady!

    Mrs P23 xx

  3. I love jumping in the deep end. How boring would life be if you didn't?! x

  4. Always.
    I can't imagine life any other way.

  5. It's the only way to get wet. x

  6. Ooo this sounds very intriguing Corinne, like you're about to take a big step or make some changes. Exciting times.
    I'm a bit in-between I'm afraid. I can be incredibly spontaneous at times and then other times I over-think a situation until it's almost painful. But the deep end can be so much fun, after all NO DIVING in the shallow end... how boring is that!? xoxo


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