Sunday 17 June 2012

Cousins and chocolate crackles

This weekend we had my niece's 7th birthday party. She's visiting from Vietnam so we hosted the do at our place.

Gorgeous Mi decided that she wanted to sleepover with her cousins the night before her big bash and Lil and Goose were thrilled at the prospect of a night guest.

We braved the rainy Saturday night and took her to our local Vietnamese restaurant as she's not that keen on western food. We attempted to order her favourite dish but when something completely different arrived from the kitchen she rolled her 7 year old eyes, grabbed the waitresses elbow and started a conversation in Vietnanese. Soon after she was slurping up her favourite noodles and teaching her cousins how to cut noodles with spoon.

We took our full bellies home, the kids asked the important questions: "Do you have pillow pets in Vietnam?" and tucked up on the lounge to watch a movie.

It was so gorgeous to see these girls so happy in each other's company. Growing up in different worlds but still cousins. Sharing little bits about their lives, holding hands, bonding over nail polish, giggling at silly songs.

They woke up this morning excited about the party. Helped me make a cake and decorate the house.

The had a ball running around, eating cake, dancing, playing games.

Tomorrow Lil has to get up in class and talk about what makes her happy. I'm fairly sure it will be something about her cousin.


  1. This is just thoroughly beautiful, Corinne. They are stunning little ladies, just gorgeous. Love these photos... and it proves that at the heart of it, we're all just gals, wherever we may grow up. What a special weekend you must have had, lovely xoxo

  2. A beautiful start to my morning. The global village at it's most goosebumpy?

    Have a great week, lovely! x

  3. It was a great day Rin. You and the girls did a fabulous job organising it all. Gorgeous photos of my beautiful neices!

  4. Cousins are so special, how wonderful to be able to host the birthday party and have everyone together. Sounds like a perfect weekend.


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