Friday 11 May 2012

The world's worst housewife

Picnicking instead of cleaning. At least the crumbs stay at the park.

Every day this week I've looked around my house. I've sighed. I've thought: "I really need to tidy this place up."

I tidy up and it stays that way for about 4.5 seconds.

I look around and sigh. I really should tidy this place up.

And then lunch with friends pops up and the house work goes to the back of the line.

Then the sun comes out and we decide to go for a picnic. The house work goes to the back of the line.

Then we go for another picnic. The house work goes to the back of the line.

Then Goose asks me to read her a story. The house work goes to the back of the line.

It's now Friday afternoon. There's clean washing piled high in the basket, desperate to be put away. But the cupboards are full. The baby's asleep and I don't want to wake him. I'm lazy.
The place is dusty, there are crumbs on the floor. Clean dishes drying on the rack, desperate to be put away. But there are bills to pay. Blog posts to write. Phone calls to make. I'm lazy.

Why tidy up when it's going to be turned on its head 30 seconds after I've finished? Five of us living in four small rooms equals constant chaos.

I just looked around and sighed. "Look at this place!" Goose said: "It's a pigsty."

It causes me constant stress and grief. I'm truly the world's worst housewife.


  1. You are so NOT the world's worst housewife!!
    I think any mum that puts kids and family before washing is getting it right. The housework will always be there, but our kids won't they'll grow and change and move out before we know it. Making the most of our time with them is the priority, not sweeping up crumbs. I know I'd rather be reading books or having picnics with the kids than folding washing or cleaning the bathroom!

  2. Be kind to yourself lovely - your priorities are spot on! No one at the end of their lives says "oh I wish I had spent a whole lot more time cleaning" they will say "I wish I had spent more time with the people I love". Being a mother who is willing to picnic, lunch etc. instead of ignoring the kids and cleaning is, in my book, a great mother. A life spent cleaning is a life wasted. :)

  3. At least the clothes are clean;-) this week I have done two loads and then chose to nap with S when the opportunity arose... And packing! Packing packing packing!! Boring boring boring!! Thank god for Shelly & my mom who came to hang with S so I could pack. I have visions of the new house being tidier cos there is more space- probably a dream- will report back later.

    Ps- next time call me I'd love a picnic in the park.

  4. That sounds like my week and the MILs house is still a pigsty at 9pm on a Friday night. I have my bottom firmly planted on the couch and can't move it!
    I have 3 baskets of washing sitting in the lounge room.... there is always tomorrow :)
    I'll fight you for the title:) xx

  5. You just described my house.

    But the weather was too nice this week and sunny days are nearly gone.

  6. God love little Goosey! Kids always say the funniest things.
    I'm a bloody terrible housewife Corinne. I do the basics and rarely are ALL rooms clean & tidy at the same time. More or less move the junk from room to room really.
    I also think that spending time doing fun things with the children is more important anyway. Although I know how you feel, as I feel it too, please don't feel bad about mess... it means a house is 'lived' in after all xoxo

  7. Goosey will remember stories not the clean house. By the way you cant have the title of the worlds worst housewife, at the very least I'll let you share it with me :) xx


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