Monday 7 May 2012


Today I'm tired. There is just a drizzle of petrol in the tank. The weekend was busy and there was very little sleep to be had.

The three kids and I walked in the school gate this morning and Lil-lil ran up to her best mate and her dad. Goose told them that they looked sad.

The dad replied: "Nah, not sad, just tired."

Goose replied: "My mum and dad are tired too."

He nodded and said: "Mums and dads are always tired. That's just how it is. Little people wake them up all night and then they make lots of noise and cry during the day. Mums and dads are constantly tired."

Goose said: "Yeah, we like to wake them up and get in their bed in the night!"

He said: "Mmmmm yeah and sometimes mums and dads get so tired they just want to sell their kids to the gypsies so then they can sleep, sleep, sleep."

Goose looked shocked and then laughed: "You're just tricking!"

"Yeah, I'm just tricking. We'd never sell you. We'd happily give you away for free."

It's good to see Skip and I aren't the only tired parents in Sydney today.

What about you? Are you a parent who's always tired?


  1. Yes! Too tired to form coherent thoughts...

  2. Tiredness is my new normal, not sure I'd recognize myself without the yawning.
    Hope you get some good blocks of sleep this week.

  3. Haha, what a funny Dad, they're good at being brutally honest to the kiddies.
    Yeah, I think the perpetual tiredness thing is in all parents. Kind of makes you wonder how we're all functioning... or more to the point not functioning... out there doesn't it!?
    Hope you can steal away a cheeky nap or two this week. Those midday ones are pure gold, if you can manage them xo

  4. Oh no, i was never sleep deprived, i had sleepers & appreciated it!! I'm at the other end now with high school assignments late into the night, saying "i aced year 8 & had zero help" but you know, proof reading is just something i didn't realise or remember my mother always did, bless us all!! Love Posie

  5. Cracker! I laughed out loud. Must keep that up my sleeve for the future... Hope you get some sleep this week xx

  6. Haha,, hell yes!! Thanks for making me laugh. I think tired is just my general state of being now. I have 15 month old twins and I don't think I can remember what it feels like not to be tired. Hope you get some rest soon.


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