Tuesday 22 May 2012

Flying solo

If you've been reading the past few days, you'll know that I'm solo parenting this week.

That dinner/bath/bed hour is chaotic and even more so when you're doing it on your own. D's at that age where he's hungry and tired and just cries for an hour or more. The girls are loud too. Juggling baths and meals and getting them all into bed is exhausting.

I also miss that adult conversation. Sharing what went on in your days.

But... as with everything, it's not all bad. So to focus on the positive and get through another week, here are the positives about being the only adult in the house.

  • I make dinner and bed earlier, so I can dinner and bed earlier too
  • I can make simple meals. Beans on toast, if need be.
  • I can have complete control of the remote and watch shows like The Voice or Wife Swap without judgement.
  • I can sleep diagonally in bed and hog the doona.
  • I don't have to share the Tim-Tams
  • You get a chance to miss each other and appreciate him when he comes home. 
What's your favourite thing to do when you've got the house to yourself?


  1. Crank up the music and take a bath for an hour x

  2. All those things apply to single parenthood as well! Well, maybe not the last one... x

  3. Good on you.
    They are great positives - all of mine too.
    Buuuuuut, I still don't like solo parenting (and that's with ONE!!!)

    Keep enjoying the space - and chocolate.
    And hopefully some down time at the end of the week.

  4. Watching what i like on tv. Wearing pjs all day if i want. Eating corns chips and salsa all to myself. Pretty much the same as you!

  5. Feeling all the extra attention from the kids. That sounds lame, but Mr P23 is a bit like a rockstar in our house. When he was away recently, it was *so* lovely for the kids to think I was super awesome, instead of just mildly awesome.

    Oh, and eating trays and trays of ice cubes, and not being told I chew loud. Simple pleasures.

    Reunions rock. Good luck C! x

    Mrs P23

  6. Sounds like you're doing a great job! I hear you on the not sharing TV or Tim Tam's. I hear you x

  7. Yep, you've pretty much summed up my favourite parts of solo parenting also Corinne. As tough as it is, there are some things that are actually a little easier when you don't need to consider another adult in the equation. Sounds like you're going well so far, you're quite the inspiration xo

  8. Why is bath/bedtime sooo much harder without an extra hand? It feels so much longer doesn't it.
    Everything you mentioned above is your reward for getting through the day! X


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