Sunday 20 May 2012

Sunday, the apple of my eye

With a busy few weeks behind us and a busy few weeks ahead, we decided to spend a Sunday just the five of us. Some much needed family time.

We packed up the car for a Sunday drive. A picnic with a side of adventure was the mission for the day.

We turned D's car seat around and he's pretty pleased to be able to see the world. Skip and I looked into the backseat wondering where all these kids came from.

We headed to Richmond to share some morning tea with the ducks, who I'm not sure will ever recover from their encounter with my enthusiastic kids.

We then headed up this mountain to Bilpin. Perfect on a crisp autumn day, blue skies framed with red and yellow leaves.

We took a bush walk through an eerie part of the national park, building up an appetite. We then threw the picnic rug down and ate and laughed until our cheeks hurt.

The girls were eager to go apple picking and thankfully there was one orchard still open for picking. We strolled through rows of trees in the sunshine in search of the perfect fruit. The girls perfected their picking technique and filled their basket with the crunchiest pink ladies and granny smiths.

Before long it was time to head home but we couldn't resist pulling into a roadside cafe for a quick Devonshire tea and apple pie.

Tired, but happy, the backseat was quiet all the way home, except for Lil declaring it was a "super-dooper fun day".

I'm solo parenting this week, so today was the perfect place to jump off from.


  1. What a perfect family day.
    Wishing you a wonderful week - and the truckload of patience you may just require.

  2. Wow Corinne. What a lovely post. You could set this day to music, it sounded so good.
    Glad you got some blue skies and good weather, it was crapola on the coast.
    Gorgeous pics of your darlings... and yes, it does look as if you have a rather full back seat now, cute!

  3. That sounds a little bit magic, kinda like the weekend we just had. The happiest you'll ever find me is just the 4 of us, usually eating and laughing at the chit chat the kids make. Is what it's all about, I reckon.

    x Mrs P23

  4. I love this post!

    Sounds like you had a terrific family day.

    Um, also, how do you fit 3 car seats in your back? I just tried this yesterday in my car and they wouldn't fit? SO weird. I think I need to play around with them and see what fits where.

    Also, I'm not pregnant, haha. Just thinking ahead, that's all ;)

    Good luck this week hun, I know how you feel. Jump on twitter if you wanna chat.


    1. We got a Territory as (after a lot of research) it was one of very few cars that will comfortably fit three forward-facing car seats. (No, not a sponsored comment ;) )

      Most cars can squeeze in two forward-facing and one rear-facing, but it's a little harder when they're all facing forward.

      We can fit them in our other car (a Subaru Liberty) but it's a very tight squeeze and prob not as safe.

  5. That sounds like a perfect Sunday! I hope the week is uneventful and the kids give mum just a little break. xx

  6. Isnt that just an awesome feeling when you look into the back seat and see all of your kids smiling back at you. Apple picking is such a gorgeous idea I had never even thought about doing this! You have inspired me though :) xx

  7. This is just heartwarming, family fun at it's best. Looks like some tasty apples. Good luck for the week ahead of solo parenting. I've been solo parenting for a week and a half and am very much looking forward to hubby coming home, the kids and I have had fun but need someone else to help balance us out.

  8. What a beautiful day to read about! Sounds just perfect, and those little ones of yours are just perfection too. Good luck going solo this week! xx


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