Thursday 3 May 2012


I love the chaos of a family. Even if it drives me mad and I constantly crave peace, quiet, solitude, space. There is truly nothing better than all five of us laughing, teasing, living - together.

The one thing that makes me a little sad is the little one-on-one quality time I get with the kids and Skip. When it does happen it makes me even sadder that it doesn't happen as often it should.

Last Saturday night, Skip and I went out for a meal and it was so nice to be with each other. Laugh, enjoy the moment and not be distracted by little mites. Remind ourselves why we got together and created this chaos in the first place, it's easy to forget sometimes. 

This morning, I took Lil-lil to school on my own. A leisurely walk there, discussing all important issues of the day. No "Quick! Over here! Don't touch that!" Or dragging little ones around. I played number games with Lil in her class. She smiled brightly and soaked up the attention.

After Mr Dooby went for a nap, Goose and I sat on the lounge, cuddled watched the sun through the window. Chatted. Just sat with each other as she so often wants to do, but there's always a nappy to change, a mouth to feed, a load to put on or take off. 

I love those moments when I just get to smile with D. Make him laugh. He's so easygoing that often he's dragged over the countryside without a peep. He doesn't get the intense attention a first-born gets, when you could spend all day just staring at them. Those moments, just him and me are precious. 


  1. I've been thinking the same thing...although I get A LOT of one on one time with Harper, little with Daisy and NONE with Rob. One day!

    1. One day indeed! Trying to prioritise it now but it's tough!

  2. Oh the one on one time is utterly priceless. I just wrote about this last week... namely one one one time with Angus, which is so rare. Scott and I, it's even rarer. I love the way you captured each of your precious moments with your fave people, gorgeous! xo

  3. I have just been thinking about the exact same thing this week!
    I too soent time just sitting with Tills on the lounge yesterday, which I don't usually do - normally I am rushing to do other things. I lay in bed last night thinking how all of Bella's time with me is spent saying hurry up, or scolding her for not being ready. No one on one time. I really must make this time before number three arrives.
    It never fails to amaze me how similar mum's think at times. xx

  4. I'm really milking the one-on-one time at the moment. Thursday mornings are my scheduled "date" with P, where we'll either go off and explore together or just go to a local cafe before tackling the mundane. I'll be sad when they eventually stop; we'll just have to factor in another time for it.

  5. This is what worries me a lot about 3 kids. Feeling stretched. Shiezers!

    x Mrs P23


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