Wednesday 16 May 2012

The old switcheroo

Skip and I often joke that there is someone awake at any hour of any day in our house. Sadly it's not a particularly funny joke. Give me a knock, knock instead.

Things have been slightly better in the sleep department in recent weeks, but last night was like some kind of scene in a bad '60s comedy.

I'd not been asleep long when a sick Lil-lil started crying. I went in settled her and went back to bed when a snuffly D woke crying. I settled him and returned to bed to find Goosey in my spot. I put her back to bed when Lil-lil started crying again. I climbed into Lil-lil's bed and cuddled her until she drifted off. Just as that happened I heard Goose's footsteps heading for my bed again. I grabbed her and jumped into her bed until she went to sleep. I woke from a nap in her bed, went back to my own bed. Before long D was crying again. Skip whispered: "Are you OK?". I shushed him: "Go back to sleep" and grabbed D and headed for the couch. Rinse and repeat.

Three beds and one couch - a few snatches of sleep. By 6am we were all up for the day, thanking the lord the sun was coming up.

Am I the only one who sleeps in multiple places? Do you have to chase kids through the dark in the night?


  1. What is it about REALLY bad nights that make you BEG for the morning to come? We had one too last night - started my day waaaay too early - can't wait for tonight just to do it all over again! One thing you should KNOW to be true - you are never alone. Not ever x

  2. I could almost hear the ridiculous, escalating music in the background of this post.
    Wishing you a FAR better night tonight.

  3. Jesus!

    Have a glass of wine tonight hun, you've earned it...


  4. You are definitely not alone Corinne, that is the sort of craziness that goes on in our place, anywhere from about midnight til morning. Last night was a shocker here too! I went to bed at 12.30am, only to be woken at 1.45am by a screaming Felix. Then Angus (who has a cold) woke and wouldn't settle back to sleep, so ended up in our bed, while I continued to sleep in the single bed with Felix. Mayhem!
    I was woken by Felix at 6.30am, ready (or not) to start the day. Today has been rough too.
    Oh well!
    I don't know how you cope with three littlies in the equation, you're doing well love xoxo

  5. Oh dear, that is one evening you'll wake feeling like a hangover, only not from a great party. I've never slept in any child's bed or the lounge, but i was lucky with very few illnesses & very heavy sleepers for children, between the 4 of them, thank goodness as i'm forever on my own with my husband away. I think it if got bad, i'd just slump them all together on the lounge. There have been the odd early morning cuddles in my bed, but that is more me hanging on as they are so toasty & Canberra is so cold. I do hope you have a very solid night tonight, love Posie

  6. You are definitely not alone. We play the sleep roundabout too. Touch wood we've had a few good nights. I hope for a better nights sleep for you tonight!

  7. Oh man I am exhausted for you just by reading this and seriosly impressed that you can resist the urge to make the hubby get up and help. MOther Of The Year nomination for you with a bonus WIFE of the year tacked on! xx


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