Tuesday 22 May 2012

Wigging out

I'm not an attention seeker. I'm the kind of person who really quite enjoys flying under the radar, blending into the background. For example, I recently was at a party and met a mother from Lil's school, she said that I mustn't do the school run because she'd never seen me before and she knew everyone. She was shocked when I said I'd been their every morning and afternoon.

My kids are the complete opposite. From babies they've loved attention. They will talk to anyone and everyone they come across in the street, which is incredibly painful for me. They love to create a scene and be at the heart of the action. They make sure that everyone knows who they are.

Today was just another example. For the past six months, Goose has been tying toilet paper to her hair, she thinks it makes her look like Rapunzel. It drives me bonkers. In an effort to cut down our toilet paper consumption I went to the $2 shop and bought her the longest, out-there wig I could find. It was love, a complete success. Except..... she now won't take the bloody thing off. She wears it to the shops, to preschool, to Lil's school, she even wears it to bed.

To say she attracts attention in it is an understatement. She had the playground at Lil's school alight this morning as the kids and the parents laughed and watched this mop-headed child run around. Even the mum who swore she'd never seen me nodded an acknowledgement.

I wonder how long this attachment is going to last?!


  1. That is briliant.
    I was a painfully shy child so when I see kids doing this stuff - I love it.
    When Magoo insists he'd love to be Batman (mask, cape and all)for a trip to the shops, I'm in awe.
    Childhood Shar would have run and hid at the suggestion.

    Go Goose!!
    :-) xx

  2. I love kids who have no shame...!
    That would also sum up my three, but unfortunately they all seem to draw attention to themselves (& me), by unashamedly pointing at a person & doing a 'red carpet' summation on how they look or what they're wearing (I'm surprised I haven't been beaten up or chased yet!). For example, last school holidays I was sitting at a table outside a roadhouse with Macy (4), waiting for everyone to finish in the toilet (again), when two guys pulled up on motorbikes - yes, they did look rather rough - before I could tackle her to the ground, Macy stands up in her chair, points, & exclaims at the top of her lungs, "look mum, those two men look like robbers...", (oh, shit!). I went very quiet, made sure not to make eye contact, jumped in the car & locked all the doors.
    The next week we were robbed!

    ...just kidding...

    ps. Love the wig - maybe I should start wearing one when I dare to venture out with the kids!

  3. Ha ha ha! Looks fab on her, why not!!
    I am such a dreadful conformist, I feel the need to explain the kids weird wardrobe selections to people who mention them.
    Then I think I am pathetic, I wish I was like them really....

  4. That's so cute. I'm like you...blending into the woodwork. My kids are a bit on the quiet side, too. We'd all prefer to have our nose in a book! And yes, I vote you get your own wig, maybe purple?

  5. Haha, oh leave it to kids to level us like this. Had to laugh as it sounds like something Angus would do. He has a bit of a thing for wearing rings and far be it from me to tell him he can't, so I just let him wear those cheap plastic ones and before too long he gets sick of it and takes it off. Hopefully, the same will happen with Goosey's wig. I can imagine how unwanted the attention is... I'm a bit the same, enjoy fading into the background. Great pics!

  6. What a great wig, at least you're saving on toilet paper now!
    I know how you feel though, I cringe everytime my kids say something really loud and inappropriate. One of my girls always asks 'What's that man doing?' at the top of her lungs, when I turn around more often than not she's pointing at a woman, I apologise profusely, put my head down and keep going.

    1. Oh yes, I've been there. Goose once told an old man he was going to die soon because he was so old.


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