Monday 14 May 2012

What's the traditional Mother's Day dance?

What a top weekend it was. Catching up with friends, lots of good food and lots of laughs.

I was spoilt on Mother's Day with a gorgeous pair of Peter Alexander PJs and a box of choccies, both of which will be making a grand appearance on my lounge tonight. The girls also made the best cards at school and preschool which are going straight to the pool room. We went for a walk in the cool autumn weather and had coffee. For lunch, we headed to Skip's mum for a BBQ. Relaxing and stress-free the way Mother's Day should be. The girls love a 'day', any event when they can wish someone a happy whatever-day, they're in heaven. Everyone they met got a rousing "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"

This morning we had Mother's Day breakfast at Lil-lil's school, which wasn't quite as relaxing. After the two youngest tag teamed in waking me up all.night.long, we had to be at school by 7.30am. Even without eating breakfast, getting lunches made, kids dressed and out the door was a mission. Seated in the hall, juggling a baby and getting food for us all amidst kids running everywhere, was not the way I normally spend a Monday morning. Before I knew it, I was being dragged up to do the Chicken Dance. You know, as you do on a Monday morning before 9am.

Mums were muttering everywhere all you could hear where snippets of "chicken dancing", "cold", "not even 9am".

As I stood on that cold stage, arms flapping and looking down at Lil-lil's face beaming, it hit me, this is what being a mum really means – doing things that you would do for absolutely no-one else on the face of the planet.


  1. Glad you had a great weekend. Jealous of your aquisition of peter alexander pjs - i love them!

  2. the chicken dance?! If it was a little person's idea then that was very cool. If it was a teacher's idea, then they are just trying to get you a;l back for something!! ; )

  3. I love kooky PA PJs too. Sounds a bit cray this AM, but fun. So sweet.

    x P23

  4. Peter Alexander PJs my fave. The chicken dance first up in the morning is just mean. Glad it put a smile on the kids faces though, the things we do for kids!

  5. Ahh, so so true Corinne. Reading through your post I was thinking to myself "what the hell would the school do something like that for!?" ...and of course, for the littlies. It IS what being a Mama is about.
    Angus was super excited about it being Mother's Day too, he is like your gals, LOVES an excuse to celebrate.
    Peter Alexander PJ's are the best, hope they feel all snug and lovely.

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