Wednesday 2 May 2012

The pink dog

For a while now, my girls have been asking for a dog. "Oh we'll look after it, it will be so good."

When I ask what type of dog they want, Goose always says: "A pink one!"

When I tell them there's no such thing as a pink dog they're bitterly disappointed. "But we LOVE pink!"

"I promise you there's no such thing as a pink dog," I tell them.

Goose likes to make mischief. She's not always good at it and obviously sneaks things behind her back and gets so cross when I ask her what's she's hiding. "How do you know everything?" she squawks at me. "I'm your mum, it's my job," I tell her.

Yesterday, as we picked up Lil from school, I was just pulling up to the traffic lights when she yells out: "Oh my goodness, I can't believe it! It's a pink dog!"

Lo and behold, there was a pink dog:

Goose was beside herself. "See! I knew it! There is a pink dog. I told you there was. You don't know everything. You and Dad don't know everything," poured at of her mouth.

I don't think they'll ever believe a word I say again.

(And really, who dyes their dog?!)

Have you ever been caught out like that?


  1. I tell my niece and nephew slight variations on reality all the time - but they are not the best at catching me out!

  2. There goes your cred, Mum!
    Or is it that owner's cred I'd be concerned about?!
    :-) x

  3. Haha hilarious Corinne! The things you see on Sydney streets, that's all I can say. And no, I certainly wouldn't be dying my dog my favourite colour... unless of course it's for pink ribbon awareness and then, well, I'd have to accept it. Now then, off you go, pink dog for the girls it is xo

  4. That's so special!

    When you think about it... there is ALWAYS a pink dog. We should never say never!! x

  5. Hahahaha that is fantastic Corinne!
    I would never ever dye a dog's fur.
    Does this mean you have to get one for them now?

  6. OMG of COURSE there was going to be a pink dog cross your path one day - the universe does like to have a laugh at our expense some times :)

    Am sure your cred will be restored soon enough x


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