Thursday 19 April 2012

What's in a name?

Growing up, my family was big on nicknames. I had more nicknames than anyone I've ever known. My brothers were constantly giving me new ones. Rin, Spin, Gringa, Gunga, Rinny of Arabia, Spindolowski, Hinge, Minnie (which morphed into Mickey) and the list goes on.

Even as an adult it's rare for me to be called Corinne. There are people (esp friends of brothers) who don't even know this is my name. More often than not I'm called Rin and then eleventy billion variations on this. I have to say I prefer being called Rin than Connie (which I get a lot from people who obviously can't read) or Corun.

I never call my kids by their full names it's always Lil-lil and Goosey (sometimes Lu). Skip laughs at me when I use his name and always replies with a tongue-in-cheek 'proper': "Yes, Corinne?"

D is usually just called 'the boy', though the girls are calling him Mr Dooby and it's starting to stick. In fact, the girls are naturals with nicknames, they come up with new ones all the time.

Someone asked me at the Top Bloggers event if they could find out my kids names, which made me chuckle as they're not really a secret. I use their nicknames here because that what I use in real life (and in my head), the way I write my blog is snippets from my brain rather than documenting my life, so to use their full names would feel weird. Kind of like how Skip laughs at me when I call him by his name.  Besides if they were supposed to pseudonyms then they wouldn't be very good ones!

In fact, I was 'discovered' at a park by someone who read my blog once because I was calling out 'Lil-lil! Goose' and they recognised the names.

It's funny, because sometimes when I'm on Facebook I see someone and think: "Hmmmm who's that?" because I don't recognise them without their nickname.

Do you have nicknames? Do you like them or do you prefer to be called by your full name?


  1. I wish i had a nickname! I really dont like my name - Jessica. Its so boring and popular and over used. So I have always wished I had a nickname, but a nickname never came... I am just Jess.

    Actually, sometimes, very rarely, I will be called Jaye. I like Jaye

  2. I've had loads of nicknames. In school, I was Scary. Usually it's just Sare, sometimes I get Sare Bear. Someone once called me Sags and to say I wasn't impressed is an understatement. At home I'm Snoo for some reason I can't remember. Master P picked up on this and calls me Choo.

    As for Master P, I've called him that since birth. Not as his name, but that's how I often refer to him amongst family and friends. So calling him Master P online is an extension of that. Face to face, he is Pat Pat, PJ, Pat Jat, Boo, Crumble or Sausage. Or his real name if I'm fed up :).

  3. How funny we were talking about this today! I think I mentioned Wacko.. but Amy was Chumps and the nugget and Lucy THE NUT.. as in little like a peanut,or hard nut to crack, nutcase etc .. If there is one thing I hate its Juzzy..

  4. I am not a nickname person. Uncalled my girls by their full names, despite them being kind of long. D, I call by his proper name most of the time but I do shorten it & call him a cursor version of it too. I think it depends on how you dealt with names growing up as nicknames didn't happen in my extended family. It seems to be an Australian thing.

    1. Damn auto correct! Cuter version, 'curser version' wtf!

    2. I did wonder what a curser version was! Hmmm interesting maybe it is an Australian thing?

  5. We are definitely a nickname family. Mum and Dad have nicknames, Olive, Joyce, Rover, Jimbo, Mudguts. I've always had my name shortened or morphed, Wally has seemed to stick with my Dad calling me that for years.
    Dad has also nicknamed my kids, Iggle Piggle Parrot, Bruiser, the list goes on.
    Hubby on the other hand, not so big on nicknames, neither are his family, I think they struggle sometimes to know who we're talking to or about because we're always using nicknames.
    How funny being recognised in the park by your kid's nicknames!!

  6. Haha, love it! You're like a famous chick, being spotted in the park like that, awesome!
    We're big on nicknames in our house... and it extends to the wider family and friends network too.
    Scott and I rarely use our actual names with one another and the boys have many nicknames.
    Angus is quite funny though, as he's a real stickler for people calling him his full, proper name. He always declares his name loud and clear when asked and he gets quite irate with me when I call him "Angy". Kids are funny like that sometimes.
    I like Rin, that is a nice nickname to take from your full name xo

  7. I'm the same - hardly ever called 'Bronwyn'... it makes me think I might have done something wrong when I hear it. My parents have called me 'Bro' for as long as I can remember and I'm 'Bron' and 'Bronny' to everyone else.

    I pass on the nickname love. I can't help but nickname everyone as soon as I meet them. They might hate it, but there you go.

    My kids are Maxi, Cappers and The Badoo. That's what we call them at home.

    Laughed at your 'park encounter'. Famous!! x


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