Friday 20 April 2012

Friday Fun - Bedtime

It's Friday yet again. I'm so happy because tomorrow we are hitting the road for a week away in one of my most favourite places. I'm hoping the weather will clear and it will be blue skies, god knows we need some.

Here are the winners of the Dorothy's Wonderful World DVDs:

Permanently 23


I have non-sleeping kids, it sucks. A lot. I really haven't had a lot of sleep in the past 5.5 years.
Recently when Johnson's Baby contacted me and asked if I'd like to try their Bedtime Bath products I was at a sleep low and said: "YES!"

I've always loved the scent of Johnson's Baby products, it's always been baby in a bottle to me, one whiff and your in baby snuggly goodness. I have been known to use their Baby Shampoo myself. The Bedtime Bath and Lotion didn't disappoint, they smelt gorgeous. They have NATURALCALM essences, which I'm guessing is just a lavender blend, it filled the bathroom with a lovely haze anyway. The lotion was nice too, though a tad greasy.

Did it help my kids sleep better? Well, no, but I think it would take a tranquilizer gun to get these kids to have a full night's sleep. It did leave them smelling sweet and drowsy at bedtime.

I have a Johnson's Baby to giveaway to one luck reader. It includes:
Baby Sorbelene Cream
Baby Wipes
Baby Top-to-Toe Bath No More Tears
Baby Conditioning Shampoo
Baby Bedtime Bath
Baby Bedtime Lotion
Baby Oil

To win, comment below and tell me your bedtime secrets (for you or your kids). 
Entries close 11.59pm Thursday 26 April 2012. Open to Aussie residents only. An email address must be provided (if not on your login).


  1. I Knew all the bragging D did about what a great sleeper S was would come bite me in the arse! So our perfect sleeper turned 4 months, started teething & stopped sleeping!

    At first i got really cranky with her (she has this annoying habit o falling asleep on me while trying to do the midnight feeds and then being wide awake when i try put her into bed) but now my mantra is "at least it's only one- just think about how little sleep Corinne gets and all she manages to achieve"

    She has also started rolling and now i feel like the bassinet is too small. So tonight we are putting her in the cot- hopefully all the extra space will allow her to sleep better, failing that- perhaps the wall between us will at least allow me to sleep through her stirrings ;-)

  2. The only thing that works for my kids is having a consistent routine. Nightime is dinner, bath, story and bed. Boring, but it works!

    I also like to make sure they get enough exercise during the day so that they're really worn out by bedtime.

    As for me, since having kids I have developed the ability to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow!

  3. Oh i had sleepers, i was really lucky, i know, now it's impossible to get them up (teenagers) but . . . i used to bathe them, long baby massage, then dinner, they weren't messy, then breast feed into unconsciousness, fabulous. As they got older, just lots of slow down, reading, full bellies & calm. This is with a husband at war most for massive chunks of the last 13 years, times 4 children, just made it work. I would always give a warning what was coming "10 minutes until bedtime" & trust me, these are very active children, they might have slept 12 hours from their first month of life, but developed into state level cross country runners. I had to wear them out somehow.
    Also remembered, i had a radio under the cot, on ABC classic AM, just had a nice constant background noise, as we lived on an air force base with jets taking off & barking dogs, plus all louvres/ windows open at all times, 24/7/365 thus is life in the tropics!!
    Wishing you well, no need to count me in the giveaway (4th child is 8) but i'd happily hand them over to a new mummy if i did win, thanks for the opportunity, love Posie

  4. Have a safe trip and I hope you get to unwind and relax!
    The sleep will come back to you...someday it will come.


  5. Oh if that's the bedtime bath products in the purple bottle, I swear by them. I've used them ever since Angus was born... and whilst I don't think they do have a lot to do with the boy's sleeping... the scent is definitely dreamy.
    My main bedtime secret has always been to cuddle the boy's to sleep. I know it's no advised and all the books would say otherwise, BUT... it works for us. Relaxed, happy baby to sleep... relieved, happy Mama! xo

  6. Oh Corinne, you poor thing, non-sleepers is not fun at all.
    My almost 3 year old was horrid at going to sleep, was up and down like a yoy-yo, in and out of the bedroom, the last to fall asleep and the earliest to rise. I ended up taking her to a naturopath, who gave me some drops to help her relax at bedtime (among other things) and we haven't looked back, we do the nighttime routine, dinner, bath, book and bed. She's still the earlier to rise but is easier to settle to sleep.
    Good Luck and I hope they ALL turn a corner soon!

  7. A regular routine is what woks for us. Though not having an afternoon sleep also helps. We already use the Bedtime Bath. Great product.


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