Wednesday 25 April 2012

Lunch break

We are having a great holiday. Warm weather, sunshine, plenty of time at the beach. It's not a holiday unless we eat and drink well, we've done plenty of that too. Fish and chips, sushi, amazing wood-fired pizza, tapas, BBQs. Then there's cocktails and pink lemonades at a funky wine bar and beers on our balcony.

Yesterday morning was overcast and I was actually a little happy about that as we were skipping the beach to go to farmers' market a few towns over.

The sights and smells are incredible. The produce in the northern rivers of NSW is just so good. We loaded up with the sweetest tomatoes, honey, eggs, mushrooms, basil, dill. We then headed to Bangalow for coffee and a stroll at the shops.

We, of course, had to pop into the old fashioned butcher to pick up some Bangalow pork. As we walked through the door we were swept up in the scent of ham smoking. The gorgeous smell stayed with me all day.

We took our goodies home and Skip turned them into lunch.

Here's a taste:


  1. Totally living vicariously through you with this gorgeous holiday. Haven't been to Byron for yonks - must return soon.

  2. Mmmmm Stone and Wood is my current favourite beer!
    Enjoy your holiday

  3. Looks and sounds A~mazing. Glad you are having such a good RELAXING deserve it!

  4. Ohhh that all sounds so lovely Corinne. Your holiday is certainly off to a flyer. The pics are gorgeous, all that yummy fresh food... and delicious drinks! Keep loving every minute of it xo

  5. Corinne, it sounds so relaxing and so tasty! Glad you're having a great break away.


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