Friday 13 April 2012

Friday Fun - Wonderful World

Well that was certainly a short week! It flew by in no time.

Here are the winners of the Bob the Builder DVDs:
Heavenly Ingredients
Mama of 2 boys

Please send me your details and I'll get your prizes out to you. I'd like to thank Roadshow Entertainment for providing prizes for the past four weeks. I have some truly awesome prizes lined up for the next few weeks, so make sure you stayed tuned.
We are now officially way through the school holidays and not too insane, though if I have to yell: "Stop fighting!" one more time, I don't know what I'll do. The kids are currently dancing and going crazy to The Wiggles. While they're now a little old for the skivvied ones, they still love the music and they both are adamant that Dorothy the Dinosaur is pretty cool. Oh my poor neighbours...

So today, I'm giving away 5 copies of Dorothy the Dinosaur's Wonderful World, that's over three hours of Dorothy goodness.

To win, comment below and tell me what makes your world wonderful. Entries close 11.59pm, Thursday April 19, 2012. To be eligible you need to include your email address and you need to be an Aussie resident. 


  1. My world is made wonderful by my two grandsons who help me see the world with wonder, as though everything is new again.

  2. Ooooo WOW! Is that me winning AGAIN?? How lucky am I!? Thank you so much Corinne. Have to remember to shoot over to my email and send you my address.
    As for what makes my world wonderful, I'd have to say hands down, without a doubt, my family and friends... I feel truly blessed every single day.
    Have a lovely weekend hun xoxo

  3. Dorothy the Dinosaur is a hit in our house too!
    What makes my world wonderful is sunshiney days where we can get outside as a family and enjoy just being together. Always makes me smile.
    Have a lovely weekend Corinne.

  4. Lots of things make my world wonderful. The thing that I'm feeling particularly grateful for at the moment is my little girl. She is about to celebrate her 2nd birthday and she has brought so much joy, love and laughter into our family. She is always making other people smile as well, waving hello and blowing kisses with gusto. She is the last addition to our family and we couldn't be happier. xx

  5. Just weekends like this one. Where the 4 of us are together. Out for dinner. In the park. All of us in our bed (in the morning, anyway). It's Autumn and the weather is magic. There's nice coffee. Pancakes. Papers to read. With the odd bit of kid-free downtime thrown in.

    I know, I know, bring on the cheese. But it's true!

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  7. Dorothy the Dinosaur would have to one of the most watch DVD with our Granddaughter a must in our house.

  8. My two month old niece!! She is the latest addition to our family and she is starting to smile and giggle - perfection!!!

  9. My world is made wonderful just by stopping to smell the roses. It gives life perspective and I see how much I have to be thankful for. A walk to the park with my boys or a cup of tea with a friend makes me so grateful for small pleasures. The world is so full of wonder, but we only see it when we slow down! (this is the hard part)


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