Thursday 12 April 2012

Gone bush

Being school holidays and all, I decided to take the kids to my dad's house for a little getaway. He lives in a small community in the middle of a national park.

Set on the river, this place never fails to blind me with her beauty and at my dad's house you can get a magnificent view from anywhere.

It's been too cold for swimming, so we walked and sat on the wharf and chatted. We took a long walk to the kiosk for lemonades. It's been lovely.


  1. beautiful mini getaway rin! Sounds like a trip from a 'Famous Five' book. Enjoy the sunshine today... xxx

  2. A lovely place to getway! I love the view from the kitchen sink... I don't mind doing the dishwashing from there :) Happy holidays!

  3. Beautiful photos Corinne and what a picturesque place to live, just stunning! Little D is looking bigger every time you post a pic, gorgeous boy. Enjoy the rest of your time there, it really does look like a great holiday destination xo

  4. Yep - that's definitely lovely.
    My shoulders dropped just looking at your pics.
    :-) xx

  5. How peaceful and relaxing it looks. Enjoy your time away.
    Great photos, makes me want to find a nice spot on the river and set up house.

  6. Great photos! Now you're making me home sick!


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