Saturday 14 April 2012

Baby love

Little D has reached that really cute baby age. He looks like that stereotypical baby you see on the ads - chubby cheeks, full of smiles and goo-ing and ga-ing a storm. Put him in a wondersuit and he's winning hearts all over the place.

Young babies are cute but still a little floppy and awkward, toddlers start throwing tantrums - he's at that golden age.

When we go to the shops he smiles non-stop and old ladies stop with their hearts melting. His grandmothers have decided that he's 'just the best!'

I just want to tell him to: 'lap it up boy, it won't last forever.' It won't be long before those same old ladies start tut-tutting his tantrums in the aisle at Coles.

When do you think the golden age of childhood is?


  1. Hee hee.
    What a super cutie.
    Isn't it beautiful?
    I spent all of Magoo's first year saying "now THIS is the best age, seriously" - so i'm not a great judge!!!
    Every age has it's beauty (and beast!!!) but I remember 8 months as being a blissful time for me.
    It was also when Magoo finally got a clean bill of health.
    Gorgeous little man you have.
    :-) xxx

  2. Oh I agree Corinne, the time is now! Muddy Bubby is seven and a half months and he's just delightful, all smiles and blowing raspberries and still keen to snuggle in to mum. To prove my point my 2.5 year old threw a major major tantrum today for 45 minutes and I longed for her to be back at Muddy Bubby's age!!
    Just gorgeous pics, Baby D is so very cute.

  3. Totally agree - My second was such a cranky pants until she started crawling and now at one she seems like a completely different child. They are so much fun once get a little more settled and everyday I feel like I wish I had a pause button (or at least a rewind button) so that Could keep her where she is now. He has such gorgeous eyes your little man!!

  4. Oh WOW Corinne, he IS like the bub's in the ads, just a beautiful little boy. I'm with you, that age from about 6-12 months is the best, definitely my favourite age for both of my boys. The tantrums are hideous from about 12 months on... because they still 'look' cute, but the attitude just spoils it at times. I call the stage little D is at the 'clucky' stage, because well, it's pretty self explanatory. Enjoy! xo


    Look at his CUTE!

    For me, I liked 12 months. The frustration cries seem to be fewer & farther between as he gained his independence with walking.

    I still have less than enjoyable days here & there, but they are fewer & farther between :)


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