Sunday 22 April 2012

Run to paradise

Friday night at around 630pm Lil-Lil started vomiting. Chucking with such force that she spray painted the kitchen and the bathroom. D was screaming his little teething head off. All I could think was: "we're not going to make our holiday" as we were leaving in less than 12 hours.

But make it we did. The kids all were awake by 445am (you want my life, I know) so we thought we may as well get going.

The kidlets did brilliantly on the long car trip and by 3pm we were pulling into "Bine Bay" as they are calling it.

We jumped into our swimmers and hit the beach. The light of the setting sun, the blue of the sky and the green of the headland - seriously paradise. The water temperature was perfect. I can't remember a more perfect afternoon. "now this was worth the drive," I muttered to Skip.

Fish and chips overlooking the beach for dinner. All three kids collapsing into bed.

The start of a glorious week, I hope.


  1. Enjoy! You certainly deserve it x

  2. Enjoy the holiday Corine, it sounds pretty magical!
    PS: Thanks for the comp win - we are going to Dorothy's concert in a few weeks, Little Guy will diiiiie! Will email you the address. x

  3. I don't know which made me almost spray wine out of my nose harder: "Spray painted the kitchen and bathroom" or the fact that you used the word "kidlets".
    Have I told you lately that I love you???
    I hope you have a mah-velous time darling...and I miss you bunches!


  4. Projectile vim is no fun at all. What a trouper she is! Glad you got there and cheers to a fab hol! x

  5. Enjoy the break!!!!
    The worst part is always the drive, now that's over you can relax and enjoy!

  6. Aaaah.
    Breathe deep - and enjoy every minute of your holiday.
    :-) xx

  7. Oh it does sound perfect Corinne. Well done for picking yourselves up and ploughing on, despite what was thrown at you... it is very hard to do that at times. Love the way things seem to even out, a really bad night, followed by a beautiful day, even stevens.
    We did a similar thing while we were on our road trip to Qld in January. Basically once the boys were awake each day, it was up and at em' and making the most of the day.
    Hope you have a blissful time in Bine Bay... cute! xoxo

  8. We probably passed you on the highway as we were coming home from Byron Bay. hope you are having a great time. Xx


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