Tuesday 3 April 2012

He's got my thighs

Yesterday, as I waited for Lil-lil to come out of school, the principal yelled across the playground at me: "Look at the size of those thighs! So chunky!"

I blushed, then realised he was talking about D. He could have been talking about me though, it wouldn't have been out of the question. It seems I have replaced sleep with food. Can't sleep, must eat. I'm trying to get energy and enjoyment from somewhere at the moment, which is bad. I long to be fit and slim, I know I can be, I've done it before, but it's going to take time, motivation and me putting down the hot cross buns (and the chocolate and the cake) and moving my chunky thighs now and again.

Every time I think of it, it wears me out and I pick up something to eat. I just.can't. stop.eating. at the moment.

I also want to improve my health. After having pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure is a risk, I don't want to take tablets for the rest of my life. Type 2 diabetes is also in my family. I want to be healthy and here for my kids. I want to run and play with them. I want energy. I want to be alive.

Starting a healthy eating plan the Tuesday before Easter is just ludicrous. So I'll start next Tuesday, but I'll need to plan. I think I need support too.

I also need a plan to get moving. A challenge that's going to keep me interested.

What are your gold star tips for eating and moving? I'd love to hear.


  1. Lambchops me too! How about we drag each other around the bay run as once discussed..xx

  2. Have realistic goals ... so 3 days a week, I aim to do a walk. A few longish ones, and a 30 min power walk.

    I swear by running too. It's such a great fat buster. And all that air!

    Just not buying the junk works for me too. And no baking. Or I just eat it all. That seems to work for me too. Don't buy a big bag of chips and think you will be cool not opening them.

    Good luck C. It's hard when you're tired too. xx

  3. Start slowly ande realistically. Walk a few times a week if you can. A class is good too. Aqua aerobics, kickboxing, body attack, body pump, yoga, are all great. I'm sure there are PLENTY of studios near you.

    Eat fresh healthy food. Drink lots of water. Snack on fruit, nuts and yoghurt. And best of all, don't have any crap in the house. I find, if I don't buy it, then I cant binge on it.

    On the weekends, try and involve the family. It helps when they get involved too. Every weekend, we walk to a local shopping village which is a 7km return walk.

    Good luck girl. You can do this.


  4. See, I just saw a smoking hot mama in a red dress.

    But I do know what you mean, I am probably my most unhealthy. I have absolutely no cardiac fitness, I am eating nothing but processed, shit food, & I am just exhausted, all the time.

    I want to eat healthier too.

    ... after Easter xx

  5. I think Good Mum Hunting said it all.. If you want to lose weight get the whole family involved and do NOT buy any fattening food. Look into food combining too. That way you eat 'normal food' but don't combine carbs with protein. there are cheap books out on the subject. Good luck and it's baby steps all the way. A loss is a loss. take pride in your losses and fitness level rises. the Canadian Airforce exercise book is great too and not a killer.

  6. Hee hee - the beginning made me laugh!!!
    Not so much the rest - I understand your desire to be healthy and fit - and wish I had an easy answer for you (and the rest of us).
    Be kind to yourself though - you are doing so brilliantly Mummying through the days - and nights - that your lack of energy or motivation is so understandable.
    I guess swapping in healthier foods and making time for a walk are achievable - once the habits are formed.
    Even finding 30 mins in the day to escape alone for some exercise if you can??
    I loved meeting a friend for a pram walk when Magoo was little - but I have never managed a household and three children.
    I take my hat off to you - and hope you get the time you need to feel better.
    :-) xxx

  7. I know exactly where you're coming from Corinne!
    I am bone tired at the moment and am starting to fall back into bad habits to help get me through the day.
    I am longing for a break with school holidays to help get me back on track and catch up on sleep.
    I found a great nutritionist to help me keep on track with the food and got hubby to commit to dad duties one day a week to allow me to get tobootcamp. It's only a start but, small steps and I feel better for it.
    Good luck with your challenge.
    Very cute thighs! My last two bubs have both had chunky thighs, and I love them!

  8. I second everything that "Permanently Twenty Three" said!! The first step is committing to the change, so you are on your way!! x

  9. Oh darlin', I am hearing you loud and clear. In fact I have such a problem with eating (and eating the wrong things) at the moment, that I'm certain I have never bulked up quite so quickly, other than when I was pregnant. It totally started from when I found out I was pregnant in January and then since losing the baby, I have been on a bit of a self-pity/to hell with it spiral. I want to get out there, exercise and eat the right things... I just keep putting it off. I am eating way more packet chips, lollies, biscuits of all descriptions, chocolate and icecream. And those bloody hot cross buns, I actually thought to myself this evening after dinner as I loaded a choc-chip one in my mouth, "these things will be the death of me!" They're just SO good... didn't help that our local Brumby's was giving away 2 free buns just for walking in the store.
    So all the weight is going straight to the tummy, the bum and thighs... and a little bit to the boobs, which I'm not entirely unhappy about, hehe.
    I'm going to start powerwalking a couple of mornings a week, probably after Easter, really early before Scott goes to work, then I'll up it to running once I'm in better shape, it's been over 4 months since I did a run. Wish we lived closer and we could meet up and walk together in the mornings.
    What a rave I've just done, but I needed to get that off my chest, thanks for listening xoxo

  10. Rin lovely ... this is week number 6 for me of eating no chocolate. Blame Lent and the fact that I made one of those ridiculous bets that if I lose I need to pay a friend $200.00.

    So here I am working on another 'boys on bikes' event in Melbourne. Tired, grumpy and pretty emotional and the one true comfort that I am looking for which is all those colourful little eggs ... I cannot delve into until tomorrow.

    Am not sure if Easter Thursday is actually called Easter Thursday ... but eachyear when I do this silly bet ... its more than good enough for me!!!


  11. Shelly & I are trying to fit a walk into our schedule every week- you should join us if it fits in

  12. Shelly & I are trying to fit a walk into our schedule every week- you should join us if it fits in


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