Monday 9 May 2011

What a difference a day makes

My Mother's Day blooms chosen by Lil-Lil,
who insisted they could only be bought from a proper florist.

On Friday, I wrote about my denial of having a third child. It's funny as Skip must have been feeling the same way, he was away in Melbourne all week and said when asked if he was excited about the new bub, he replied: "Terrified more like it. We know exactly what to expect this time!"

And that's exactly what it is. The excitement isn't the same as the first time, the second time you'll think it will be much easier as you know what you're doing, the third time, well, the third time you know there are no guarantees and there's going to be lots of hard yakka. It's a little like starting right back at the beginning again.

Then over the weekend something shifted, for me at least. I suddenly realised that the continuous nausea, exhaustion and general crap feeling had gone. I had a spring in my step. You don't realise until you feel normal again, just how bad you were feeling. Then the flutterings started, those lovely first baby movements. Which is just plain exciting. It makes it so real. I also got one big gigantic kick. It was like the baby was saying: "Hey, I'm here. You can ignore me, but I'm not going anywhere so you better get used to it."

People are also starting to notice that I'm pregnant too, so conversations with strangers somehow make it more real. As weird as that sounds.

I then had a lovely Mother's Day. Flowers, choccies and a lovely lunch. Great kids, a husband I adore. So yes, things may be hard with three kids, there will be tears and tantrums (from the kids as well as me) but there will be times in the future when we sit around a big table and laugh and talk and enjoy being a family, so it will all be worth it.

So all in all, I feel fairly fabulous today. I know this feeling will change and those crazy hormones will kick in and throw me 180 degrees, so I'm soaking it in as long as it lasts.

Thank you for all your encouraging comments, they mean the world to me, they really do.

PS - You may have noticed the button on the side of blog. I have been listed as one of Kidspot's Top 50 Bloggers, which is an incredible honour. There are some truly amazing bloggers on that list. If you'd like to vote for me, please click on the button and follow the link. Check out some of the other bloggers too as there are some great reads!


  1. Congratulations on being in the Top 50! Woot woot!

  2. Hi lovely...oh I ws so glad to read that you had had a lovely mothers day, and more importantly, feeling more positive and relaxed about the pregnancy.... It is amazing how we can have these doubts and insecurities and then swing to the other camp in a day! Means that we're going with the flow... and that has to be a good thing in the end...i reckon! xx

  3. Oh WOW! Big congratulations on your nomination Corinne... so worthy of the nom too! You know I'm a fan ;o)
    How lovely to read about your shift in feelings towards your pregnancy, really heart warming. Good on you!
    Mother's Day sounded pretty fabulous also.
    Happy for you that everything's coming up Milhouse :o)


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