Monday 23 May 2011

A real weekend

After months of preparing our house for sale and going house hunting ourselves, we decided to take the weekend off and spend some fun time together. We packed a lot into the weekend and it was really, really good. We still own our house and things aren't looking good in that respect, but that's a whole other post. 

Saturday, we took the girls to Wildlife World and they had a ball. Skip thought it was a bit useless and we could see most of the animals in our backyard (I did mention we didn't have a six-metre salty croc in our backyard) but the girls were entranced. The highlight for Lil-lil was having a butterfly land on her hand, she stood patiently for ages waiting with her hand out until the moment finally arrived:

Saturday night, we had pizza delivered which Lil-lil thinks is totally amazing – dinner delivered to the door!

Sunday morning arrived in all its autumn glory. Skip, always keen for a Sunday drive, suggested we head to Wisemans Ferry for a picnic. So, we loaded up the car and hit the road. I've never been there before and its just gorgeous. High escarpments surround the picturesque river's edge. The leaves were brilliant shades of yellow, crimson and orange. The girls ran and played. We cooked up a BBQ. Some friends met us up there and we had the most lovely afternoon. 

We took a trip across the river on the punt, which the girls adored. A little bit of Sunday adventure. 

We drive home late Sunday afternoon feeling happy and relaxed. Feeling like we'd had a proper weekend. No slimy real estate agents, no looking at maps trying to find our way around, no looking at mould-filled houses. It was just so nice. 

How did you spend your weekend?


  1. Beautiful.
    A well earned break from it all.
    Ours was very similar as we had Daddy home at last. I ignored most of the boring chores and we acted like we were on holidays - and ate like we were on holidays!

  2. Oh I love the resting butterfly. Gorgeous.

    We had a time-out sort of weekend too. Only a little bit of gardening, which is what a lot of our weekends are at the moment, and a lot of seeing family. gxo

  3. Wow - sounds like a great weekend! Hope the house sells soon XX

  4. That pic of Lil-lil with the butterfly... just. beautiful!
    What a brilliant weekend! I am enthralled by the Autumn leaves right now and took particular notice of them this weekend... looking all pretty in the sunshine.
    Angus is a big fan of when dinner gets delivered. Our pizza delivery guy has a good old chat to him, it's very sweet. I guess Angus is all about the food, whichever way it comes!

  5. Oh so lovely, we went to Gundagai (from Canberra) it was blissful, fly fishing & just all round sitting around a fire, baking scones, laughing, falling into rivers!! Ahhh, love Posie

  6. What gorgeous photos! Sounds like a positively lovely weekend. Those sorts of weekends are always the best... friends, family, relaxing. We had a similar weekend and come Sunday night it was wonderful to feel like I could handle whatever the rest of the week threw at me :-)

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