Thursday 12 May 2011

Things that puzzle me

A few things that have had me puzzled this week:

* Lil-lil has always been what I'll call a 'difficult sleeper', in other words it's rare for her to sleep through the night. Yes, yes, she's 4.5 years old. Anyway, she recently slept through three nights in a row and we were delighted. She told me she'd discovered she had magic powers for sleeping at night. Awesome. Last night, she woke three times. It appears she's lost the magic powers, where on earth could they have gone? Superman just didn't lose his powers overnight, did he?

*Why is when you arrive at a crossing at the same time as someone else, you push the button and then they push the button again straight after you. Do I look like an inadequate button-pusher? Did I not push the button correctly? Do you have some kind of better button pushing skills?

* Why do I find impossible to stay awake after 9pm? Well, not that puzzling really if you look at the first point.

* Why did I stress about doing my tax return for so long that I completely ignored it for months? Wasted stress cause when I actually went to do it, I discovered I didn't need to do one.

* Why can't real estate agents talk like normal people? Why do I always think they're hiding something?

* Why won't Tiger Airways talk to you on the phone, why will they only accept things in writing? Well, actually I know, perhaps the question is why do Tiger Airways have to be so crap that they can't afford enough staff to man their complaints line.

* How did Goosey manage to slam her toe in a drawer? Fingers, I understand, but toe??

* Why can't I ever seem to get to the end of the washing basket, no matter how many loads I do?

* Why was I always told: "All boys do is wrestle all the time, girls never wrestle." All my girls do is wrestle. ALL. DAY. LONG.


  1. Ha! I'm so with you on the button pushing at the lights! It's so baffling!

  2. I just assume everyone is compulsive button pushers who must push the button or suffer agonies of regret over missed button pushing opportunities for the rest of their life.

    Also washing basket, it has no end. I'm fairly certain if I fell inside it I would spiral through the universe only to come out on top of a pile of dirty washing.

  3. My girl and my boy wrestle all. day. long. IT DOES MY BLEEDIN' HEAD IN! Ugh.

    Hope Goosey's toe is ok x

  4. Ahhh the darn never ending pile of washing!!! Drives me nuts!! My Loo aka Lil-lil is also a terrible sleeper - the name perhaps??

    Great read,
    Moodi Mumma

  5. I can understand how frustrating it can be to have all these questions and not have any answers!!!! Ugh!!! I sympathize!

  6. Real estate agents always have something to hide. They're like car sales people. :)


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