Tuesday 24 May 2011

I can bake a rainbow

Last week, the car had to go in for a service. So the girls and I found ourselves without a vehicle for the day. I had a minute of mild panic – what would we do? We usually have days packed full of chores, running to and fro and other things that need to be done. How would we fill a whole day at home, with no plans?

I should mention that we have a major road full of shops and amenities about a three minute walk from our house, so we weren't really stranded. A day bound at home was actually nice though.

The girls have been hanging out to bake and decided they wanted to make cupcakes. After a quick scour of the cupboard and I discovered we had no cupcake moulds. "How about a BIG cake?""Yeah! Like a birthday cake!" they cried. In the pantry I found some pink and blue food colouring and suddenly remembered an old post of Pink Patent Mary Jane's about rainbow cake.

Why not? I thought, lets give it a whirl! It wasn't really going to be rainbow as we only had two colours, but if we mixed pink and blue we'd have purple and then we could leave some batter plain. So it was a four-colour rainbow.

The girls oooh and aaah'd as we mixed up the different batters and then sat watching the oven waiting and waiting. As we pulled it out of the oven Lil-lil declared it had been ruined from the browning. I told her just to wait until we cut it.

Finally it was ready. It was decided that purple icing was needed and lots of sprinkles, so I let them go for it. Goosey yelled "It's a beautiful birthday cake! But whose birthday is it?" I remembered that it was Eden's little boy Rocco's birthday so we yelled "Happy birthday, Rocco!"

Then the first slice was cut and the girls were amazed all over again. I'm so not a baker, I don't really enjoy baking and I'm particularly good at it, but this was the best cake taste and texture-wise I've ever made. Skip said he expected it to taste like play-doh, but was pleasantly surprised.

Check it out!


  1. Woo hoooo! Love those bold colours x

  2. Oh yum! I'm inspired to try something similar with Master P. Looks great!

  3. love a good rainbow cake!
    well done...mmmm, sugar & colour high for days ♥

  4. Very impressive. I want one like that for my next birthday!

  5. YUUUUUUUM. Yum yum yum. I want it now, Corinne. And how cute .. I *thought* I heard the sound of sweet little girls' voices, carrying through the valley that day!

    PS YUM!

  6. I HAVE to bake a rainbow cake! That looks awesome! Well done to all 3 of you. Angus would love that :o)
    Days at home can turn out surprisingly lovely sometimes.

  7. Oh I LOVE this baking creation rin! So creative... And to actually EAT colours like that...is there anything better for a treat!! xx

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