Monday 2 May 2011

Tangled - WIN!

In our household it seems there's nothing better than a Disney Princess. Much time is spent discussing them, drawing them, watching them, playing with and sleeping on them. So when I was sent a DVD copy of Tangled, the latest Disney Princess flick, I knew it would send the girls into a frenzy.

Lil-lil grabbed her princess pillow, Goosey grabbed her Cinderella book and they settled in. Tangled is a rollicking version of Rapunzel with Mandy Moore voicing the modern, fiesty and gutsy frypan-wielding princess, which is nice change from some of the insipid princesses we've been served up previously.

With a great bunch of songs, wonderful animation and a lot of laughs, this is a thoroughly modern version of the classic fairytale. What I liked best was it's a movie we could all sit down and enjoy, I even heard Skip chuckle from behind his newspaper a few times. Even my 19-year-old brother-in-law professed to liking it, so it's not a fairytale aimed at solely at 5-year-old girls.

Tangled gives me a  good 90 minutes to get the house organised for our open houses, as the girls will sit glued to it from start to finish, time and time again. The downside is we're going through toilet paper at an incredible rate, as Goosey constantly puts long strands of it in her hair trying to transform herself into Rapunzel.

Tangled is available on DVD and Blu-Ray on May 11.

I have one DVD copy of Tangled to giveaway, so comment and tell me which Disney Princess you're most like.
For Australian residents only. Giveaway ends midnight, Friday May 6, 2011.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary review copy of the DVD courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment via Aussie Mummy Bloggers. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.


  1. It's a tie between Jasmine or Ariel... They can both sing and are hot to trot princesses...

    Abi likes Jasmine the most. She is scared of Ariel and Snow White, no idea why!!


  2. I think I am most like Cinderella. I spend all my time working my guts out for people who order me around (namely the 4 & 1.5yr olds) but I DID get my prince and Castle in the end!

  3. I have been acting like sleeping beauty a lot since Friday, a horrible virus had me in bed all weekend! Thankfully I am starting to feel a bit more like myself!

  4. I think I am like Tiana, I am independant and have big dreams that I willing to put everything to and not let anything or anyone get in the way of. But at the same time a hopeless romantic.

  5. I feel like I am like Princess Ariel. I can find myself in deep water at times, but I always manage to get through it - walking on my own two legs! :)

  6. Ariel, i love to sing, im quite strong willed and rebelious :)

  7. Belle from Beauty and the Beast-
    Look for inner beauty

  8. When I was little I liked Cinderella too and nobody made fun of me. I guess I was just lucky.


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