Wednesday 4 May 2011

Basket of joy

Some days I wonder why I blog. Why I jot all my thoughts down and send them out to cyberspace. It often seems like a silly thing to do and I wonder if any reads or cares or enjoys it. Then, on days like yesterday, something wonderful happens, a gorgeous surprise, something that brightens your world.

I opened the front door to take Lil-lil to preschool and there on my doorstep was a box. A large box. The kind that you'd use if you were moving house. I didn't have time to open it then and there so I plonked it inside. I did the preschool drop-off as quick as I could and as soon as Goosey and I got home we tackled it.

The box was almost as big as Goosey.

Goosey was shocked at what was inside....

A whole bunch, a table-full of Easter goodies!

Recently, I wrote a post about my love of Freddo Frogs. One of my readers and good bloggy friends, the American Eleanor from Shopping the Closet read and said she had no idea what they were. We started a convo about chocolate and I mentioned that I loved Reese's Peanut Buttercups but they weren't freely available in Australia. She insisted on sending me a care package of US choccies, so I said I'd return the favour with a package of Aussies choccies. I so wasn't prepared for the bounty of goodies Eleanor sent me. It was overwhelming. 

There were Easter basket of goodies for the girls, that included lollies, chocolate bunnies, bunny ears, gloves and a sweet purse. There was a cuddly flower too, all packaged up in the most gorgeous bunny basket for each of them. They were besides themselves!

There was also these:

And these:

And don't forget these, Reester Bunnies!!:

And now all the way from the Jersey Shore, was some saltwater taffy, which I'd seen on countless TV shows and movies, but never knew what it was (by the way, it's yum!):

There were also some goodies just for me that won't sit on my thighs. A DKNY umbrella, a purse scarf and a bottle of perfume:

Talk about being completely and utterly spoilt! I have to admit I got a little choked up when I open the package and discovered all this and read the gorgeous cards. I was so touched. Eleanor is a very special lady with fabulous taste in music. Her kindness and generosity is out of this world. If you told me two years ago that I'd make a friend half a world away over the internet I would have thought you completely and utterly mad. Only complete nutters do that, don't they?!

I know my parcel to her isn't as fabulous as this, but I hope Eleanor and her family get as much joy as mine did. So, thank you Eleanor! You're a complete and utter doll, I can't wait until we finally go shopping in NYC and then drink that wine while listening to some old school classics. We are going to have a ball!

Blogging has really brought the most incredible things to my doorstep, quite literally!


  1. Oh WOW! How cool is that parcel, that's just wonderful. Even though I do not like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, no sirree I do not.

    Hey, I'll be bringing you some Chickadees down on Monday for your bro, heh. XOXOX

    PS Blogging does feel so dumb, sometimes, doesn't it! But I only ever think that of myself, never anybody else.

  2. That is an awesome parcel!! What an exciting exchange for you both!! Enjoy :o)

  3. @ Eden - You're a bloody legend. I feel a Chickadees post coming on....
    Me too, re: blogging = dumb = me

  4. oh that's such a lovely thing that elanor sent! what a beautiful thing to do for another person half way round the world! friends truly come to you any time, any where, in any way possible! love it xxx

  5. That is so fantastic. The blogging world constantly amazes me!!

  6. WOW! What a lovely surprise indeed.

    And such a great idea too!! Enjoy your treats! xx


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