Monday 31 January 2011

Stepping into the world

Today, my little Lil-lil is reaching a big milestone – her first day of preschool. For the first time in her life she'll be cared for by someone we don't know. She'll be stepping out into the world and taking a new leap towards independence.

She's got her new backpack and Disney Princess lunchbox (essential for any girl's snack). I'm sure there are going to be plenty of tears. More likely mine than hers. I just can't believe my baby is so grown up. Best of all, I know she's going to have a ball.

How do handle the first day of school?


  1. Good luck Lil Lil, my I can't believe it! Good luck to mum too, I'm sure you'll need it more than Lil. Hope she has a wonderful first day. xx

  2. Oh good luck to both of you!!! very exciting as it really is a new beginning! Two events, two big days.... im with thinking more about the mum rather than the kids!!! take care and wipe away those tiny tearsxx

  3. Good luck! Hope she loves it. And enjoy that coffee mid morning with only ONE kid to look after x

  4. I hope you both made it through ok, without too many tears. I can relate to your emotion. My little guy starts on Thurs, for 2 days per week, but he had his 2 hour orientation today. It was horrendous! Mega tears shed by both of us. I don't know how we're going to get used to it long term. But all we can do is try.

  5. Thanks! It all went very well. Couldn't have planned it better.
    And yes, looking after just one child is soooooooooooo much easier.


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