Monday 10 January 2011

The Moment

Saturday evening rolled on without me really noticing its arrival. I'd had a lovely afternoon catching up with friends over tea and arrived home ready to relax.

I made the kids dinner while Skip bought a lovely bottle of Pinot. I put the kids to bed while Skip set up a table on our newish lush green lawn. The night was balmy and perfect to be sitting outside. We ate BBQ'd steak and washed down with the Pinot. We talked about life and how important it was to live in the moment. That moment. To not miss the good parts of today by worrying about tomorrow.

As we sat there on that perfect evening, eating good food, enjoying each other's company, soaking up that moment, I was awash with happiness. I realised how much I loved my husband, even more than when I first met him. I realised how lucky I was to have two beautiful kids. I felt pure contentment.

The past 12 months have been gruelling. Sometimes it's felt like a day-to-day survival. The mundane drowned out the extraordinary. Skip has been working exceptionally hard and travelling a lot. Looking after the girls 24/7 has been a challenge. Finding the right balance has been elusive. But in that moment, everything felt lighter, better.

Sometimes these moments pass you by, other times you stop and really look around. Soak up how blessed your are. Those moments become precious memories.


  1. Terrific insight Corinne.
    Here's to a new year with many more moments like this.

    Felicity x

  2. Those moments really do make it all worthwhile. It's hard on your own, though. But it should be getting easier all the time as our children grow. x

  3. Lovely. I must admit the daily grind can be overwhelming that we often fail to see the blessings we got.

  4. I love epiphany moments like that.
    The bumps are always so brutal,but realizing and being grateful for all we have is key.

    Well said!



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