Thursday 27 January 2011

A little deflated

Australia Day was hot, not as hot as predicted, but steamy none the less. We started the day with a dip at the beach to cool off, but a heavy fog made the whole experience very, very eerie.

We had a great barbie – prawns, butterfly veal, salads and, of course, Pavlova. The first pav I've ever made from scratch. It went off pretty darn well, except for  a little incident with the cream. We listened to the Hottest 100, I knew NONE of the songs, which proves I'm officially old. The kids played great imaginary games and then cooled off under the sprinkler and cooled us off as well.

After everyone had left, the kids were finally asleep in bed, Skip and I dug out the leftover pav (above). It was a  little deflated, a little tired, a little splodgy – a little how I felt. It was still delicious though!

Today I'm feeling a little flat. I seem to live with this constant feeling like I should be doing something, that something is missing and I don't know what it is. It drives me crazy. I'm hoping to cheer up and take my eldest gal out, just the two of us. Spend some time together and chat before she heads off to preschool. Play ladies.


  1. Love the pav!

    Something like that is niggling at me too. Let's hope we both work it out soon! X

  2. Urgh...I HATE that feeling and get it ALL the time. This time next week there will be routine! And purpose! And order! Promise x

  3. I am as flat as a pancake as well today xo

  4. I know that niggly feeling you speak of. When you figure it out let me know, that could be my problem too!

    I only ever make pavs from scratch now rather than buying them. They are so much better than shop bought ones and very easy to make. Om nom!

  5. I'm tired today as well hun, I think it was the weather!

    Congrats on the pav, it's no easy feat. I'm not game to try one yet. I would probably just eat the batter from the bowl, haha.

    The hottest 100 was very different wasn't it!

    Have fun with your little lady :)

  6. We also went to the beach for a dip and within minutes were literally surrounded by mist. Very VERY strange feeling. The picture of the pav is now making my tummy rumble ;o) I also feel like I am forever trying to do something MORE than I am doing. I'd like to say it's due to having children, but I think I've always been that way. It's comforting to know there are others with similar feelings :o)


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