Monday 24 January 2011

Oh so quiet

What an unusual weekend. It was quiet, really quiet. Ear-ringingly quiet. Which was really quiet nice.

Friday, there was dinner with a good friend, where I ate too much antipasto, too much pizza and too much Nutella calzone. That's right, Nutella calzone. It's as good as it sounds too. We had fun guessing why the other restaurants patrons were there – work functions, first dates, etc and making scenarios for them.

Saturday, we spent the morning at a neighbours' home for a 3rd birthday. The girls had a ball on their waterslide, chasing their guinea pig and chickens. They also ate their own weight in chips, sausage rolls and cake.

The rest of the weekend slide by in an almost eerie quiet. We hung out at home and went to our local park. Our normally bustling neighbourhood was just really quiet. A ghost town. Perhaps everyone was recovering from the holidays, preparing for Australia, or (most likely) at the beach.

Suddenly Monday is here. An action-packed week ahead of last catch-ups before it's back-to-school.

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh back to school already?? My 4 go back on 8th February, yes, like ages away. My husband & i play that game in restuarants so we don't talk about the children . . . we make up what people are there for, he has a huge advantage, he can read body language - my psych degree counts for nothing!! Love Posie

  2. Sounds similar to ours except yesterday we packed up the offspring and took them on a tour of the Swan Valley. Needless to say they slept well last night! Our week ahead is filled with catch ups before the back to school game begins next week. Hope yours is a good one!

  3. Sometimes "quiet" is just so, so lovely, isn't it? We've had a few snowstorms here in Nashville recently, forcing everyone inside for several days. No school, and many businesses were closed. I was feeling a little restless by day two, and decided to bundle up and take a walk. It was just SILENT outside! So wonderfully calm and still! Loved it!

  4. Quiet is good, when you can get it, so I always savour the quiet when it comes. We had a weekend filled with beach fun! But unlike most weekends of late, it was just hubby, kids & I... which I really love! Nutella calzone sounds delightfully decadent, YUM!


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