Thursday 6 January 2011

Shades of grey

Generally I'n not a person who needs to be black or white. I'm quite happy to live in shades of grey knowing that the answers to life's questions aren't always right or wrong. I can be quite content knowing things don't have to be one way or another and I'm able to beat the path that is right for me. If it turns out I've chosen the wrong path, I'll go back and start again.

At the moment though my mind is whirling with questions that I want answers to. Strong black or white answers. The problem is I can't get those answers, I have to decide for myself. Weigh things up. More than likely I'll just have to close my eyes, hope for the best and dive in.

But dammit, I wish, just for once, someone would tell me: "What you must do is this...."


  1. The toughest part is usually making the decision. Once the decision is made the rest is easy! So as PPMJ and Nike said "just do it" ...
    (what is it that we're doing?)


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