Friday 21 January 2011

Vouching for it

Since the advent of the internet (yes, I'm old enough to remember life before the interwebs very well), I've heard about all types of online shopping addictions. There were the friends and family who became obsessed with Amazon, then it was eBay. Then came the Daily Deals obsession. Now almost everyone I know has their favourite online shop they turn to.

I've been a bit immune to the whole online shopping biz. I've dabbled, I've bought stuff now and again, but I'm the kind of person that really likes to see, smell and touch what I'm buying. Most of all if I buy something I want it then and there. I'm happy to pay more for the privilege of all that.

Though as much as I hate to admit, there is a recent online craze which I've become completely and utterly swept up in. It's the Spreets/Scoopons/Living Social craze. You know those sites that have a daily deal like 50% of a meal, a nights accommodation, snorkelling, car detailing, colonic irrigation.

Each day, my inbox in filled with tempting deals and I find myself thinking 'Wow, I'm not into spray tanning, but that is cheap!' Out comes the credit card and I have another voucher in the inbox. (This is just an example, I haven't bought a spray tan.... yet).

My mother-in-law is also a fan, for Christmas everyone got a card filled with vouchers for things including a night in a hotel, lunch on a tall ship, paintball.

At first I was a little skeptical about the whole thing, but I've bought vouchers for hatted restaurants, places that were on my 'to eat at' list. I've found a hairdresser that I loved and would return to. So it's win-win. But I have seen the skanky cafe near my home try to pass itself off as a 'Gourmet International Seafood Restaurant' so it pays to research.

So the next few months, Skip and I have dinners, lunches, weekends away. Skip is going go-karting this weekend. I have new hair dos to do. It's a voucher-packed few months ahead. At least until the obsession dies down, which of course it will.

Have you had a online shopping obsession?


  1. I am subscribed to those too. Always tempting aren't they. I bought a couple over Christmas too as gifts like a photo session for $25. But now that you mentioned it, I should be more wary as I always assumed those being featured are "good". Thanks!

  2. I was an Ebay junkie once upon a time but now I've given the online shopping a break, much to the relief of my bank balance AND the Manchild!

    I get Cudo mail every day but the problem is that most of the lovely hair treatments, etc are all based in the CBD or the eastern suburbs (ie; not close to me). Waaahhhh!

  3. Oh, Corinne, I'd better avoid these sites. Too dangerous! But do try out - you'll never find cheaper books in Australia. It's changed my life! J x


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