Thursday 9 December 2010


This Saturday the event to end all events is happening. Lil-lil's ballet concert. Taking to the stage in her first ever ballet performance. All this preparation takes me back to my first concert, the infamous one where the teacher told me I was going to be a rosebud and then the next week I became a goldfish. A devastating letdown, I mean a goldfish, really. Who ever in their right mind would have though a little girl would want to be a goldfish. As you can see the pain is still a little raw.

Anyhoo, fast forward a few years and here's little Lil ready for her first concert after weeks of practice. Lucky for her, she's going to be a Christmas angel. She's better fluttering her little arms around the house getting into the role. Meanwhile, I've been going through the three A4 pages of instructions and requirements for the big day. Did I mention they were three and four-year-olds? Lists of things needed – two [?] pairs of tights, hair pins, bobby pins [what's the difference??], slumber nets. Then there's the list of instructions for the day – arrive here at this time, sit here, do this, show your child where you're sitting, at this time kiss your child and say goodbye. We have to be there a few hours before to prepare and rehearse. Again, did I mention they were three and four-year-olds? They even have someone teach us how to do the exact buns required. Some how I think we're all going to be over it by the time the concert actually starts.

Despite all my cynicism and moaning, I know that I'll be bursting with pride as my little Christmas angel takes the stage, fluttering her wings and pointing her toes. Snapping every photo op available. I'll be taken back to that night I took the stage at the Mosman Town Hall as a goldfish and dreamt that it would be the first of many turns on the ballet stage. I will look at Lil-lil and know exactly how proud and excited she feels. I'll be excited to know that this is just the first of many times that I'll get to see her perform and be blown away by how much she's grown and how exquisite she is.


  1. How sweet life is hey. My biggest little pink and I just did the first ballet concert two weekends ago. There was much bemoaning on my part - but it was so adorable that I got over it .... enjoy

  2. Oh bless! We had our concert last night. And I'll tell you what - after 7 years of concerts (!!) you'll be kissing those pages of instructions later. Hair pins are those weird open tong-looking pins that hold the bun in place. 7 years on I'm yet to master them...

    Enjoy xx

  3. Dance is not for the faint hearted! And that's just the costumes and hair. LOL.

    I hope you both enjoy the concert.

  4. You are lucky that you are allowed to take photos. I have heard of a number of ballet concerts for preschoolers where you cannot take video or photos because, you guessed it, you have to purchase the whole package from the ballet school. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the little angel. :)

  5. Oh my! What a sweet post, Corinne. Miss India has just turned 3 and wants to start ballet. When did Lil-lil start? I'd love to know. Enjoy her special concert. J x

  6. Gorgeous Corinne! Exquisite she will be x


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