Tuesday 28 December 2010

The other side

Well, wasn't that all just grand?! Christmas for another year.

Christmas Eve was spent at my brother's place in a whirlwind of presents, delicious food and champagne.

Christmas Day the girls were weary from a late night and an early morning and slept through Christmas lunch. We did catch a few waves at the beach on the girls' new boogie boards though. By the time the day was out, we were too exhausted to make my way to my dad's for Christmas night.

Boxing day was spent at Skip's mum's place, eating leftovers and playing Trivial Pursuit.

Yesterday we finally made it my dad's in the national park. We were hoping to go sailing and spend heaps of time in the pool, but endless drizzle meant we bunkered down inside, ate food, watch the Aussies do miserably in the cricket and just relax.

After a morning at the beach flying kites we came back to listen to dad's partner (who's a musician) play the piano and sing while the girls rolled under the grand piano having a ball. We then reluctantly came home.

It's truly been the most perfect, relaxing few days that I can remember. Food, food and more food. We are feeling like different people and really feel like we're having a holiday. Best of all, it's not over yet.

All that's left to fill the week and make it perfect is another BBQ, a trip to the flicks, our pre-NYE dinner, our annual NYE burger and perhaps a catch-up with friends. Oh, and of course, a few more trips to the beach...

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